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    France v Italy - potential spoiler

    There was at least one attempted charge by French players. Let's stop the clock and tell the defenders to stay still. And let the penalty kick be taken with the defence standing still.
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    5 metre lineout this weekend

    Watched some of the Premiership games this weekend and have noticed that defensive teams are lining up on the 5 metre line, and not setting the middle of the lineout on the 5 metre line. Have I missed some new guidance or was I been misinformed previously?
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    [Scrum] Where can the non-throwing SH go after ball thrown-in ?

    Pinky, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. I will attempt to explain the interpretation give to me, by more learned people than I, of what the law is trying to say. The diagram below is one we have all seen many times, and shows 3 offside lines for the blue players. I'm going...
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    [Tackle] In touch or not?

    Saw this at a game and couldn't decide who’s interpretation was correct. :chin: Green wing running just in from the touchline, seeing the black full back coming across to tackle him moves infield. Black full back dives and tackles the winger ending up with the full back sliding on his back...
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    Late tackle on kicker or tackling player without the ball?

    At the weekend I was watching a game where the referee gave a penalty for tackling the player without the ball, but the last action of player tackled was to kick the ball down field. In the bar after the game, I spoke to him about this and he said it was tackling the player without the ball...
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    [Line out] Quins Vs Stade - Did the correct team take throw in?

    In last night's Quins Stade match, a few minutes in to the second half the Stade 17 has his foot in touch and catches the ball - resultant line-out State throw the ball in! Was this correct? Link below: about 2:30 into the clip