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    Lifting in tackle

    Anyone see the Simpson try in the Wasps v Sale game? Seems to me that he gets lifted and never returned back to the ground. We had a similar one against our amateur team the other week. It seems to me that if this is not a penalty already, then it should be. If it's allowed as a valid tactic...
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    Jumping player - ball in touch

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I'd just like to clarify. There is a video from our first team game yesterday of an opponent attempting, but failing hilariously, to be smart. Black kicks a penalty towards touch Red 9 is stood two yards in touch Red 9 jumps and attempts to knock the ball...
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    Penalty try or regular try, which should be given?

    So playing on the wing today, our centre grubbed the ball through, I ran on dribbled it in goal and then got a shove in the back from a defender. Managed to get a finger on the ball and ground it, and the ref came over and gave the try, saying "Don't worry, it would have been a penalty try had...