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    U21 Front Row Regulations

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question, in an Under 21 game are players in the front row required to be 18 years old if they potentially could face senior players I.e 19-21 year olds?
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    Scrum collapse- play on?

    Don't know if this has been raised before but it's an issue that I discuss a lot. It's simple when the ball is available and a scrum collapses should you play on? My view has been no since the issue was brought to my attention and the RDO was in agreement with me. My main problem is that...
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    Ulster V Leicster-Touch in goal

    In the first half we saw a kick from Terblanche that rolled into the in goal area where Twelvetrees put his foot in touch and while the ball was moving grounded the ball down for a scrum from where it was kicked. I have no problem with the ball moving or whether Twelevetrees was in touch or...
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    Referee moving country

    Hi everyone I'm a young new referee in Guernsey and I have completed my ELRA and am developing as an official. I will hopefully be going to university in 2 years where I would like to really progress up the ranks since I will already have experience of reffing. However I plan to go to...