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    [Law] Kick at posts.

    So roughly 3 mins into the below video. Team (I assume) has elected to kick at goal. I assume this as the tee has been brought on. Kicker IMO doesn't make an attempt to kick for goal. Would you guys agree?
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    [7's/10's] Reffing

    Ladies and Gents, I've been appointed to my 1st 7s tournament. I've only ever played in 1 when I was 16 (26 years ago). Any advice for a newish ref and a rookie 7s ref? Thanks
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    [Kit] Watches

    Fellow refs, I'm contemplating a Smart watch. But want one to use for reffing too. Any recommendations. While I'm a tight fisted Scotsman, I'm not adverse to paying a wee bit for a good quality product. Nothing silly costs that a pro might use, just something a step tracker, stop watch, maybe a...
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    [Tackle] YC/RD

    One of the other threads has got me wondering. If I'm reffing a match and a player commits a YC offence AND denies a clear try scoring opportunity, I'm giving the PT. My question is as the protocol for a PT is to issue a YC automatically. Should you wait and issue the YC after the PT or issue...
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    [Tackle] Not really a tackle but a slide..

    Not a tackle. What's everyone's opinion on the incident involving Benhard Janse van Rensburg. I'll try get a video of it but t he description is... Chasing a kick in wet conditions. Ball has bounced once, he slides at a fast pace from about 5-10m away gathers the ball and slides with his knees...
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    [Scrum] Kick off not 10.

    This has never happened to me before but what would you guys do if you had a team that was either a really incompetent kicker or just having a really, really bad day. So - KO/Restart, not going 10. Non-kicking team selects to have the kick again. Same result, again selects kick again. We're now...
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    [Golden Oldies] Team Y/C

    Just a wee thought. We have the facility to issue a Y/C for repeated team infringements. Is it normal practice to count any offence in this or just ones that one blows for and penalises. Do we include immaterial offences that we've not PK'd in the total for repeated infringements?
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    [Ruck] Off feet.

    I know I've posted before today, I'm bored at work lol. So, Red Ball Carrier running, White tackles, red do not engage, so we've got a TWOL situation. Am I right in saying that any supporting white players need to be supporting their own weight, just like in a ruck. I'm seeing a lot of players...
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    [Ruck] Offside

    So, I've been looking at the offside section in the World Rugby website. Law 10.11.b. The video accompanying this Law. I don't see any offside players interfering. There's scope for the tackler not releasing poss back I can't see that. There's a jackler but he's on side and on his feet...
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    [Ruck] Dummy

    I know that a SH can't do anything to make to opposition thing the ball has left the ruck. So an example would be to pretend to pass the ball from the base of the ruck. What if he picks the ball up, is he allowed to do a dummy pass? My understanding is as soon as he picks it up the ball is out...
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    [Law] "Knock-on"

    What's the call on this? Ball tapped down from line-out, 9 catches and passes to the 10. Ball goes through 10's hands (without touching them), hits his stomach and falls forward to the ground. My understanding of this is play on? He's not in possession therefore I believe for the knock-on it...
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    [Junior] Appointment

    Fellow refs, I've had my 1st appointment from my society. It's an U-16 match. It's a few weeks away so I'll be familiarising myself with the U-19 variations between now and then. Any other advice as to how to interact with the boys?
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    [Tackle] Arm protect

    Gents (and any Ladies on the forum). Anyone know if these are allowed on the field. If not anyone got any suggestions (for...
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    [Golden Oldies] Restart after a score My question relates to the scenario at 2:45. Should this not have been a restart as the non-kicking team weren't on or behind their 10m line? Is the purpose of the Law to allow the non kicking team the chance to have numbers to defend (not necessarily to be in the...
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    [Scrum] Non-Throwing Scrum half

    I guess I've got 3 questions here. I'm thinking back to the days where you could drive from the 5m line for a pushover try. When everyone and their gran joined the scrum in order to get it over the line. Question 1 - Is this still permitted? Question 2 - if it is, can the non throwing team's...
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    [Scrum] Flankers

    Here's a random thought that's just cam into my head. Many years ago (I have it in my head), that before a Flanker moved to make a tackle he/she had to "move backwards" before advancing for the tackle. This movement could be a half step back after releasing his/her bind. I recall seeing little...
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    [Law] First Match

    Gents,having recently completed level 1 ref course, I'm going to be taking charge of my first match. Now it's just an internal friendly (Capt v Vice Capt teams). To be honest, I'm kind of bricking it. I don't want to go in all I'm the ref blah blah as it's just a fun match (I've played in it...
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    [Tackle] Deliberate Knock On

    Guys, I've been looking at the videos for the Law examples on the WR website. One of them in the Knock On section 11.3. The example given is in a Italy v Scotland match. This doesn't seem to be a very good example to have. Reasoning is it seems that the Italian player tackles the Scottish No...
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    [Junior] Age Variations

    Chaps, I've newly passed my Level 1 Refs Course. I'm looking for the age variations for U13-U18 levels. The SRU site isn't displaying these. Can any of my fellow SRU refs give me the variations please?
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    A laugh....

    There are dash lines configured as shown in the ground diagram. Each dash within a dash is five metres in length. There are dash lines: How tall is this fellow lmao