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    Missed punches in a brawl

    Was watching a you tube "handbags that developed" video over Christmas and came up with the Wales v Ireland Grand slam decider in 2005. Sidoli and O'Connell have a great big tussle on the floor with both swinging punches that don't really connect (Brian Moore described it as "Greco Roman...
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    Boxing Day Match (Fun)

    I would be grateful for any advice. I was offered a boxing day fixture last year at my home club and was about to accept when one of the refs in my society told me how great it was reffing on Boxing Day: "Oh it's brilliant" he said."I have three cards, one yellow, one red and one for a pint of...
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    Gale Force Winds

    The wind was so bad yesterday it was at times difficult to stand upright. In my pre match chat I said that I wasn't going to be particularly looking out for "Not Straights", but to make sure they didn't take the "P". It all worked out very well, no worries from anyone, no hassle, no calls...
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    Zulu Chant

    Firstly apologies for lack of activity on the forum. Family circumstances - difficult. Would really appreciate comments on the following from yesterday. White leading after 20 minutes, clearly the better team, they are up by 30 points. Green attacking in the 22 after a penalty for chit chat...
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    Yellow card after forward pass

    Watched the Barbarians v Samoa match yesterday. Barbarians attacking in the 22 one player passes it forward to another on the wing. It is not clear and obvious at the time but will become so when they TMO it. However just after that pass, there is a reaching out for one hand for the ball by...
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    Keeping the score

    I was appointed AR at a match yesterday. Blue v Green. Blue were expected to win. The ref had requested that I keep the score and the other AR keep the time. 5 minutes to go over the comms the ref asks me the score. I say Green 25 Blue 21. I didn't know it at the time but Blue had asked him...
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    Repeated Offences

    From a match this week. From the kick off - 3 breakdown offences (2 offside at the breakdown ruck and one tackler not rolling away). Three inside 6 minutes. Is this the point to issue a team warning and next one in the bin or one further offence?
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    7 in the scrum but No flanker

    This from today. Under 19, so because one forward is in the sin bin, each team has to be 7 in the scrum to match. So initially no Number 8. Then the black left hand flanker moves to number 8 amidst some howls from the red team. I say "play on". We are matched in numbers, do we need to be...
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    Player on the floor gets up

    This from today. Black player tackled, tackler released, rolled away. No jackler, no one else around, tackled player still lying on the floor, looks around then picks up the ball and goes through the gate. Speeds away heading for the line.....I whistle......... I gave a penalty for playing...
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    Ball on the post

    Tonight's match, Wales v England. Ball carrier smashes into post. Presumably if he had placed the ball at the foot of the post it would have been a try?
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    Wales hands in the scrum

    Thought that Falateu reached into the scrum tonight to get the ball and wrestle it out to make the try for Webb. Have I missed something? Surely that should be penalty England?
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    What age a touch judge?

    I've got three girls. The smallest (11 years old at present) has chatted about rugby a lot and has read and re read the law book in the loo. She would like to run touch for me one afternoon. She is very confident and I thought that the best thing to do would be to offer at my local club (and...
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    Coach cross at half time

    This from today's college match. Half time, just awarded a yellow card to black for a team offence. I happen to be counting the penalties and make it 8 to black and 4 to white. 2 of the blacks had been throwing the ball away and therefore ten yards and three for offsides at the ruck repeatedly...
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    One short in the scrum

    From today. College match, under 19's. The Black number 8 is off on a yellow card. They request the opposing number 8' drops off at the next scrum so that scrum numbers are equal. I'm a bit caught but say yes. Was this right?
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    Assessment yesterday

    This from yesterday. My assessor who is a good man and very helpful, if rather direct sees me after the game. He says that my refereeing performance was "a bit of an enigma". He tells me that the way I refereed advantage ( ha ha - 3 tries scored from it!) was probably among the best of all...
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    Wrong size ball

    This from yesterday. Grass roots game. We had played 5 minutes of the first half when the Blue scrum half shows me the ball and says "It's the wrong size sir" And indeed we appear to have been playing with a junior, creme egg sized ball. Of course I blew for time off, there was lots of grass...
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    Captain and communication

    Probably showing my naïveté but after the match today with quite a few team discipline issues, spoke to a couple of the miscreants in the bar afterwards and they told me that "yeah, our skipper Donald is a nice bloke, but he is a history teacher in a private school and didn't communicate...
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    Level of chat

    Don't want to open up an old thread but interested to see how things lie across the other parts of the UK. Had a local derby yesterday, two third teams. Home team very gobby from the outset, appeals, looks of shock and horror, hands thrown in the air. You get the picture. The match went like...
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    Not taking an engagement?

    This from Saturday. Quite bizarre. Two scrums in succession I ping White for an early push. After the match a irritated prop from white tells me that actually Blue were relaxing and not "taking the engagement". I know there used to be a hit and that the law changes have altered that, but in my...
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    Quick Unseen Tap

    This from today. I award penalty to White. They shape to take it quickly. Blue defender shouts out "Ten here sir?" I glance up and indicate "OK" which time, White scrum half has taken it, made a complete horlicks of it and suddenly the ball is away from him falling to the floor. I...