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    Tackle in goal scenarios

    It's been a while since I did one of these ... so here we go Attacking winger carries the ball into opponents in goal, and curves round to score under the posts, but is tackled in goal. In making the tackle the tackler makes contact with the ball (not a rip or knock), the ball spills loose...
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    Lots going on

    From my game yesterday 70 mins gone, blue leading four tries to two, but red are on a roll and attacking, just outside blue 22 Blue offside at breakdown, I call advantage Red get to about 7m from line, and blue tackler goes to ground on wrong side of the ball. I call new advantage and am...
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    most solutions

    how does one go about providing a solution?
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    Is it out

    Rick is formed, ball is 50cm behind the back foot Is it out ?
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    Clarification 2022/1

    When we wrote these law trials, what we meant to say was....
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    so as to be in a position to receive the ball

    So here's another one similar to the Scotland try -- but taken somewhat further (it's the second video, here, can't seem to link direct to it) There are (I reckon) 5 players who are not in line, but rather milling about ready to join the maul. Have they all left the lineout so as to be...
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    what do we think of this ....
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    that's a first - we're getting spammed by an admin !
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    Rugby 12s

    So what do we think of the new rugby 12s then ? Innovative and exciting idea that will bring IPL style glamour and excitement to our sport ? Or a totally unwelcome threat to the sport we love ? Or a yet another pointless distraction doomed to failure (rapid rugby anyone) Or something else ....
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    Cavalry Charge no longer illegal

    Well, that's interesting The prohibition on Cavalry Charge has been removed from the new Law Book See 9.23 and the definitions So presumably we will see teams start to use that move again .. it will be like the old days. But I find that quite surprising
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    These goal line dropouts

    So they are puzzling me - hard to understand the logic of them Play is restarted with a goal line drop-out when: A) The ball is played or taken into in-goal by an attacking player and is held up by an opponent. B) An attacking kick, other than a kick-off, restart kick following a score...
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    Protocol awarding PT

    Premiership final, 5 mins in Matt Carley awards a PT in the corner .. even before he has blown the whistle he is running away from the scene (in the corner) in order to (as the law requires ) get under the posts to award the try. And then subsequently comes back to the scene to issue the YC
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    Penalty Try

    No that there is no longer a conversion, we should get rid of the need to run over to the posts to award a PT. I don't like the way the ref has to run away at what can sometimes be rather a flashpoint situation .....
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    [Law] 20.10 behind the kicker at a PK

    Law 20.10 is odd one 20.10 Other than the placer at a place-kick, the kicker’s team must remain behind the ball until it has been kicked. .. because it outlaws most quick taps (where it's often the case that players are in front of the kick) The corresponding Law for a 22m dropout (12.18)...
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    Very common nowadays to hear referees talking about 'rewarding' a team -- by which they mean giving a PK against the other side. I am beginning to wonder if this turn of phrase is leading us astray. PK are the result of an infringement. Whether or not red deserve a 'reward' isn't really...
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    PK moves

    look this old fashioned way to take a PK @30s in ... with a quick pass to a little line of players ... why don't teams do that any more? time for a comeback ?
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    Farrel HIA

    So this is intriguing story from last weekend - Farrell was taken off the field (much to his annoyance :) ) by the Independent Match Day Doctor, for an HIA - which is quite unusual in itself, implies that the IMDD spotted something that the England team missed. Ford was already off, and Dan...
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    having just bought a 1/7 share of the 6 Nations, CVC now negotiating to buy 15-20% of SA rugby I, for one, welcome our new hedge fund overlords :wink:
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    England v France massive refereeing controversy

    I know, the game isn't until the weekend, but might as well get the thread set up and ready now ....
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    Rugby Referees on Twitter --

    @WayneBarnesRef @Nigelrefowens @RefJK anyone know any others?