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    Knock on going into touch in goal

    Please can someone help confirm my assumption? Under the new/experimental laws: The ball is knocked on by the attacking side and goes through the in goal and over the dead ball line or into touch in goal without being touched. I assume the defence gets the option of a 5m scrum and they put in...
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    Offside at scrum for scrum half of side not putting in

    I should know this but am struggling. When the ball is put in to a scrum, the onside position for the scrum half who is not putting the ball in is clear. When the ball is still in the scrum though, if that defending scrum half moves to the back of the scrum he is presumably still onside as long...
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    Maul to ruck and end of maul question

    I’m sorry to ask a question that has probably been asked many times but I need advice. Sorry for the long explanation. There is much debate about whether a maul can turn into a ruck. Mine is a variation of it: The ball carrier in a maul takes the ball to ground. The rest of the maul collapses in...