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  1. beckett50

    Was Lewis Robbed?

    I found it ironic that not 7 days previously Christian Horner accused the stewards and Masi of making things up "on the fly", and yet he is happy to accept the decision "on the fly" to permit some cars to unlap themselves and for the safety car to come in before they have joined the back of the...
  2. beckett50

    Bill Beaumont and WR Now that Bill Beaumont has been re-elected as the head of WR for the next 4-years I was disappointed that this interview made no mention of the constant Law tinkering. On the plus side he is promising to focus more on the 'Tier 2' nations to...
  3. beckett50

    Half Time

    Interesting scenario this past weekend. L7 League match. Pre match preamble with the coaches all going well, team talks done and I'm just getting down to my own warm up routine. Away Coach approaches me and says "Ref, this session if the changing rooms are close we go in at half-time." I...
  4. beckett50

    Consult the captain?

    Interesting comment from my Match Development Official (Assessor) in last weekend's match. I showed a YC to the Black #16 for a repeated team offence - it was their 7th penalty infringement of the match and the clock was at 27 minutes of the 1st half. I had previously spoken to the captain...
  5. beckett50

    New Zealand Referee Assaulted.

    Any of my fellows seen this? Quite shocking behaviour and one hopes that the referee is receiving all...
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    Area 51

  7. beckett50

    Law Trials Survey

    Has anyone else had this? It would appear that WR may be looking to put them all...
  8. beckett50

    Merry Christmas to all on RR

    Indeed, Happy Festive Greeting to all. may you have what you desire and enjoy happy times.
  9. beckett50

    High tackle after half-time whistle

    Just putting this one out there to get some other view points. Had an incident on Saturday that is still causing me to "hum and hah" and wonder if I did the right thing. Some background to the match. 10 PK in the 1st half and one YC (issued to Gold 5 for pulling down a maul on the 5m line at...
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    Not sure if anyone else saw this? Watching the game and the Dragons have 2 LH props YC due to scrum infringements, virtually within 2 minutes of each other! The referee Marius Mitrea - at the next scrum - tells the players uncontested scrums as one would. He then goes on to explain that he...
  11. beckett50

    Training Video Clips needed

    My esteemed fellows, I have been asked to present about Ruck & Maul at our upcoming pre-season conference and am in the process of re-drafting the presentation as given to me. I want to include some clips of Rucks & Mauls (non premiership/International) to re-inforce points to be made and as a...
  12. beckett50

    Spare gig ticket

    I have a spare ticket to the Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators at Wembley on Tuesday night night (2nd December). Anyone interested in taking advantage please PM me.
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    Anybody else seen this on the BBC website? I hope that their Chairman and committee can make it pay.
  14. beckett50

    Opinions on TMO involvement

    Interesting article from Mike Blair. Whilst I agree with some of what he says there is much about which to debate. Any thoughts?
  15. beckett50

    Personnel/Legal professional

    Sorry to ask this; but is there anybody on here who is in Personnel and or who deals with the Legal side of it? Need some advice. Perhaps if you PM me we can chat? Thanks friends.
  16. beckett50

    RIP Cliff Morgan
  17. beckett50

    iRB LotG app

    So, we all know that there is a new engage sequence coming in. Just checked the iRB app that gives the LotG and it says this!: The referee will call “crouch” then “touch”. The front rows crouch and using their outside arm each prop touches the point of the opposing prop's outside shoulder. The...
  18. beckett50

    Pre-Season Appointments.

    Well, the new seasoned really be just around the corner. Got my first pre-Season appointment today. 18th August at Reading. What's the betting it'll be 4 x 20 minutes sessions and it'll be warm :cool: Let's hope they're both as well drilled as the team I've been pre-season training with ;)...
  19. beckett50

    RWC - Tackled player not releasing.

    The LotG state that when a ball carrier is brought to ground by a tackler he must release the ball prior to getting up and carrying on. I am getting fed up of the number of times where a tackle is made - both players go to ground - the tackler releases & the tackled player scrambles on with...
  20. beckett50

    Coaches. Gotta love 'em :o)

    Yesterday, refereeing two premiership academy sides. Home team have a 2nd row in the sin-bin so next scrum numbers have to be matched. Turns out the next scrum is 5m attacking scrum, 5m in from touch too (on the side of the away coach) I tell green that they have to drop a man from the scrum...