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    Ball ripped in goal no foul play Australia vs Argentina

    Why would the player on the floor not be an issue? I haven't seen the incident to understand the full context, but such players are usually considered out of the game and would be penalised for tackling (as in the SA/AB game earlier) or handling the ball.
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    Maul Entry

    I havent see the incident but from the description it sounds like it shouldn’t have been a penalty. Difficult to be certain without seeing it as its likely to be a dynamic situation and may not have been as straightforward as described.
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    Defending locks in a maul

    Why do referees allow a defending lock in a maul to reach over with both arms to try and pull in the ball carrier? By definition if they are using both arms they cannot be bound. Seems to be accepted practice at professional level but I don’t understand why its OK. Seen for this post in SA...
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    Jumping for the ball

    At my level if I see this I will punish the jumper. If a player is on the ground waiting for the ball, and is clattered into by a player jumping for the ball, i see it as dangerous play by the jumper.
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    Australia v England Swain/Hill RC

    OK, Swain is a clear RC. It doesnt matter the provocation, a headbutt is a RC. Hill, the hair pull I am happy with yellow, but I’m also happy if WR decide hair pulling is always a Red. Until that time it’s at least a yellow and sometimes a red depending on context. Hill open palm strike I’m...
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    Foul play?

    Law 9.1 does not say that. It says you cannot charge or push except shoulder to shoulder. You could read that as allowing a push shoulder to shoulder, a push or charge shoulder to shoulder, or some other shoulder to shoulder contact. It does not explicitly say you can charge shoulder to...
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    Waratahs v chiefs

    If everyone is on the deck do we even still have a ruck? Maybe that’s why it was called out.
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    Foul play?

    Penalty. Deliberate obstruction. It’s not shoulder to shoulder.
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    not sure this is the best advertisement for rugby

    Acts contrary to good sportsmanship? Would you be happy if they did this after the first 10 seconds for the rest of the half?
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    offside line at the tackle.

    a partial solution to the caterpillar is to call use it early, and if people are not bound properly call the ball out.
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    Charge down through in goal

    I got that, all good.
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    Charge down through in goal

    I’m fine for a bit of interpretation, but something like this which has been complicated by the GLDO trial needs better clarity in laws otherwise your interpretation may be very different to mine.
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    Charge down through in goal

    Thanks all. It’s a bit frustrating that with the ‘simplificaiton’ of the law book and the adoption of the GLDO, some scenarios aren’t covered in the law book so you either need to infer from other laws, or have knowledge or old law books (which officially no longer apply).
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    Charge down through in goal

    Need a consult with the RugbyRef Hive Mind. What is the decision if there is a charge down from a kick inside the 22, and the ball goes through the in goal area? And can you give a law reference to back the decision? I've been through the law book but can't find this specific scenario...
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    This is a weird-ass try!!

    I suppose the difference is in this case the ball hits a non player rahter than a player who has been down for treatment. On the first scenario this person shouldn’t be on the pitch so treat like any other external interference. In the second there is no external interference - penalise or not...
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    Quick tap, defenders have not retreated 10m.

    There is no limit on repeat penalties, although i will quickly hit the point I will escalate to a YC. The penalty should be taken from the mark though, and how quickly (or slowly) you move to make that mark can help manage this. I’m not going to penalise a team who wants to take advantage of...
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    Should Refs Only Wear Black Shorts?

    We’re issued with kit and have been given non black shorts in the past (navy blue). However, I don’t see any problem with wearing white shorts, there are lots of videos of referees wearing white shorts around.
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    High LH Binding

    Feedback on referees is like all feedback, take what you want and ignore the rest. People will say stuff that chimes with you, that is a genuine error or development point And something to work on. People may also say things you disagree with or maybe are even wrong. As long as you don’t get...
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    Mark. Clean catch

    If it no longer says clean catch in the laws I’m allowing a juggle.
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    Playing the ball whilst on the ground

    Well, no more the say then eh.