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    NZ v Ireland Test 2 - Red card situation with Savea

    "Where play would restart" -I doubt any ref would try to count the players with the ball in play, so at the next stoppage award PK and restart from there. Of course, what do you give if the next stoppage is the scoring of a try??????
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    Penalty goal

    As with so many "once in a lifetime" events I would be more interested in how the ref handled the situation than expect him to know every single Law and Law Interpretation. In this particular case I am sure many top refs would struggle to quote the relevant text. I would not criticise either...
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    Penalty goal

    The Spirit of Chopper lives on!
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    Waratahs v chiefs

    Elite rugby play as if prone players are part of the ruck when some players are on their feet, does this change when all players are off their feet?
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    Foul play?

    There is an underlying assumption in the law about shoulder to shoulder contact that both players are attempting to arrive first and gather the ball -I did not see this and would award PK. Rely on Dangerous Play if you have to, the recipient was not expecting to be flattened by the opposing...
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    Waratahs v chiefs

    Elite rugby just confusing things again; The ball was still stuck under a foot of a legitimate ruck player (now off his feet) and that normally means the ball is still in. So side entry and hands in the ruck are legitimate appeals for me in this case.
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    The final ruck of Brumbies vs Blues

    I've said before -I see a split coming between the 'Professional' game and grass roots rugby. It's not how we want to play the game; the laws clearly state Rucks are for people ON THEIR FEET. People off their feet are either out of the game or infringing. Life used to be so simple.
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    Another SR dump tackle

    As clear as day -RED. Lift, rotate, dump, head/shoulders hit the ground first (except he did keep the lightest of grips on the ball carrier). Premeditated? perhaps not; Stupid? definitely. Ask yourself, if that's not red, what is ???????????
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    Maul - BC Knees Go to Ground

    I saw this; I thought a Maul was a Maul once it formed according to the definitions (Ball Carrier plus one from each team, all on their feet). The Ball Carrier is the only player allowed to go to ground deliberately but the ball must be available 'immediately'. A Maul cannot become a tackle...
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    Mornington москва

    Have just cancelled my trip to Moscow; Happy to pay £1.70 for diesel if that's what it takes to screw Putin.
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    Tackle in ball carrier’s own in-goal

    21.17 the last item in the on-line laws "In-Goal" If there is doubt about which team first grounded the ball in in-goal, play is restarted with a five-metre scrum, in line with the place where the ball was grounded. The attacking team throws in. This seems to apply whoever put the ball into...
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    Clarification 2022/1

    Let's hope the review of this Global Law Trial finds it as confusing as the rest of us. I would find it hard to criticise any referee who got this wrong at my level.
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    SH pulling the ball with their hands in a long ruck

    I struggle to comprehend when a scrum-half has clear control of the ball -albeit within the confines of the ruck (or scrum), that the ruck (or scrum) is not over -should we at least call 'use it'. Am I in a minority here? I can be frequently heard saying "get a move on". Maybe the elite...
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    FK for exceeding 1.5m push at scrum

    Ask anyone who has been shoved backwards more than 1.5m in a scrum whether they enjoyed the almost inevitable collapse. A dominant scrum can enjoy the dominance and polish their egos, but not at the expense of seriously hurting, or injuring the opposition. A scrum is supposed to be a contested...
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    Hooker at lineout

    Ask yourself "what advantage is he/she gaining?" As long as you are consistent for both teams (I would suggest some contact with the line is acceptable and easily managed) don't go looking for problems.
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    Playing the ball on the ground

    "Going to ground to gather the ball" is OK -tends to be one flowing movement. Reaching out after 3 seconds is completely different; You KNOW IT when you see it. I am visualising a wagging finger at this point.
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    New law clarification from WR

    I'm still not sure what law we are supposed to penalise under; is it Offside?-but if the ball is out (played by scrum half is clearly out) then the ruck is over surely, and thus ruck laws no longer apply -specifically back foot offside line and no binding required. Or are they suggesting...
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    Seat-belt tackle now legal?

    Sounds like a Cock-up, possibly a poor eggsample.
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    How many guests?

    If you go right to the foot of the Forum home page you can see current activity on the site. I am struck by the fact that there is often ten times as many guests 'popping in' as there are registered users. Perhaps PR folk come here for ammunition?:shrug: