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    Foul play?

    I’ve attached a 3 second clip that was shared in a local referee chat group, looking for opinions on the call. Play on, PK, or YC?
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    Ball carriers ducking into tackles Ben Smith discusses a lot of things in this article related to head injuries but something that’s been on my mind that he mentions is how the game allows ball carriers to duck into contact and lead with the head. It...
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    The final ruck of Brumbies vs Blues

    #2 vs #1 on the table. Blues are down by 1 point, with possession, about 10 meters from the Brumbies’ goal line, time has passed the 80 minute mark. Go to 5:45 of the highlight video linked above. Does referee Damon Murphy get it right here? His view seems to be that Blue 7 is at the...
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    Ball carrier repeatedly getting to his feet and playing the ball

    I had this happen in a U19 game I reffed on Saturday. Blue ball carrier, strong runner, gets tackled, releases ball, gets to his feet, picks up ball, goes again. I don’t ping because he releases and got back to his feet before playing the ball again. This happened 3 times in probably 15 seconds...
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    Tackle in ball carrier’s own in-goal

    I had this happen in a U19 game I reffed on Saturday. Blue is in possession near their own goal line. Blue ball carrier is tackled. He extends his arms, holding the ball, back toward his side, which puts the ball over his own goal line. He does not touch it down. An opponent and a teammate of...
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    What’s allowed when no one is left in the ruck?

    Please help me wrap my head around the technicalities of the law here and how it is refereed in practice. I’ve tried to find other discussions of this but haven’t felt that I’ve found a full explanation. Red player takes ball into contact. Blue player makes a tackle. One red support player and...
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    Defending team kicks ball beyond their own dead ball line

    I’m a newer ref and a simple situation in a game over the weekend has me stumped, but I suspect the answer is obvious and I am simply overlooking it. Lower level men’s game. Red is in possession in blue territory, around the 22. Red player in possession kicks and chases, blue defender turns and...