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    Law Changes 1 July 2022

    And they’ve had the honesty to add “in the pre-2018 law…” in places accepting that the simplification didn’t always simplify.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2022/23?

    I’m offline for now - was on vacation and managed to slip on a sea wall and wreck my ankle (soft tissue and ligaments only, no break at least) - and got the bonus prize of blowing up a long term issue with my Achilles in the process. Hopefully nothing a few weeks of physio won’t be able to fix.
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    C'wealth Games

    Nothing like a great white, salty, or similar in the water to convince you to swim faster than the next guy. Though with box jellyfish they’d also be pretty adept at the swim obstacle race if it was ever reintroduced…
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    First Aid requirements 22/23 RFU season

    Maybe it’s because I ref in country that can be described as somewhat more litigious than average, but the teams here will cancel if no medical cover is present and in that case the home team also forfeit the match/points. For standard matches the cover is either a sports physio with first aid...
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    Long Hair being tied up

    Might encourage good tackle technique - get it wrong and your likely to get them ripped off which I assume takes the underlying nail with it. However I understand your point - a hand off to the face could end very badly.
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    C'wealth Games

    Looking at speed-walkers, that’s not how people naturally walk. Just rename it to the ‘speed-wiggle’. But then again - the triple jump aka hop skip and a jump aka competitive hopscotch - why?! How did that become a thing?
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    NZ vs IRL Test 3 - Andrew Porter‘s “absorbing tackle” on Brodie Retallick

    Foul play - yes. Direct contact to head - yes. Any mitigation - no. So red then? Nope. Interested on the thoughts of others on this as often this scenario ends with a straight red. According to one site the chat went: Feels like he’s seeing this as passive/accidental so but the guidelines...
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    In touch? (Law 18.2.d)

    Looking at the video again and when AR lifts the flag I think as the play is right on the line then in real-time the AR must have seen it as DB touching the line and up goes the flag. If no call to/from the TMO then the ref is going to accept the call. (And I guess it was so close the player...
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    In touch? (Law 18.2.d)

    Agreed - more saying that the slo-mo made that clear.
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    NZ v Ireland Test 2 - Red card situation with Savea

    Quick side question - at this level is it still only the opposing team’s players that can call out to the ref that the other team has too many players (as per law 3.3)? Or can others, such as coaches or officials, also make the call?
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    Under 19 Variation Scrum

    I use this site - - which also has some background on the original laws. Laws from 2003 onwards are at the bottom of the page.
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    Macbeth - Bath - THIS week...

    I think Abby Dow playing for England and injured out of the W6N had something to say about that…
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    In touch? (Law 18.2.d)

    I think you’re right - Biggar did everything right and should have been allowed to play on (and show a legit way to handle a 50:22 play). Watching it in slow mo - which the TMO would have done - he is not in touch when he bats the ball back in field. As mentioned, (yet another) area of law that...
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    Chewing gum?

    Should be low risk for adult players - a normal size wad is usually too small to block the trachea if inhaled and can usually be dislodged by the Heimlich maneuver. Some evidence seems to suggest it gives a slight cognitive boost. (Was a while back now The effects of gum chewing on the body...
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    Line Out

    Basically the dummy is sound, the player who was sold the dummy and ran through seemed to realize - if he’d pulled up and moved back it would have been fine. He carried on so I would penalize him for offside. For me, this is no different than all the team all pretending to play infield and...
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    NZ v Ireland Test 2 - Red card situation with Savea

    Looks like the ABs expected him back but the Game Management said nope.Foster explained that the All Blacks definitely wanted star No 8 Savea to return to play but weren’t allowed to bring him back on by the officiating crew. RugbyPass Foster explains the Savea debacle
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    Jumping for the ball

    Like everything in life, we get what we reward - regardless of whether that was intended by the original authors of laws. Right now it seems that once jump everyone needs to get out your way. Going back to the simplest solution as per @Decorily - consider it in the light of dangerous play -...
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    [Law] Hand Off or Fend to the face/head/neck

    US Game Management Guidelines call out specifically that Unfortunately, it doesn’t give any clarity on what is fair or unfair once you get above that age and we’re back to square one…
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    Advantage doesn’t excuse foul play

    Last game I reffed, U18 boys, White were trailing by a couple of points in the last minute when they won a scrum about 15m out from Red goal line. All players know this is the last play and White keep possession and peel off and attack. Red in desperation to win the ball managed to win a...
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    Edit a post not available

    Had a poke around and saw this in the message footer: <div class="message-actionBar actionBar"> <div class="actionBar-set actionBar-set--external"> <a href="/index.php?threads/edit-a-post-not-available.22363/reply&amp;quote=380098" class="actionBar-action actionBar-action--reply"...