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    As a general rule I try to pick short, simple, colours for teams so I can basically spit my words out quickly, and avoid similar syllables - so gold not yellow, avoid blue vs black etc, do others do similar and where would you go for purple jerseys? Blue? Unfortunately I have purple vs...
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    Global Law Trials

    Some homework for the next month although most of the videos aren’t working for me. Some new interpretations around latching too, flying wedge redefined but single player latching ok, and an attempt to redefine the jackal as well, need...
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Uncontested scrum / numbers debarcle

    Interesting touch line conversation, accusations of cheating and everything. Thought Ian Tempest managed it well really - was Pat Lamb trying to pull a fast one and gambled on the wrong option...
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    [Line out] Asking for Numbers

    At a line out I ask the throwing captain (or pack leader) for numbers in the line (primarily as I need to know this) and pass this information on to the non throwing team, I believe this is the normal practice, certainly in RFU land, is this the same elsewhere? I ask as I was listening to Luke...
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    WR Head contact framework Head contact framework with examples, backs up what we’ve seen in the Prem in recent weeks
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    Wales vs Eng - Knock on and Time back on after asking captain to speak to players

    I’m English, I’m biased, but not convinced the French ref is having a good game. In reverse order; 2nd Welsh try, for me the Welsh winger is in possession as trying to gather the ball, knocks forward on to himself, doesn’t regather therefore a knock on. 1st try, kudos to Wales for spotting...
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    RFU Adapted game

    “Following Government’s announcement last week that outdoor team sport can resume from Wednesday 2 December, we are delighted to confirm that Government has today approved our submission to return to 15-a-side contact rugby, with some adaptations. Further detail on these adaptations and...
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    [Law] No Mitigation? (High Tackle)

    In reference to the Manu Red Card (which I think is correct fwiw) there's talk on podcasts and senior refs have confirmed that because it was a shoulder charge (arm tucked therefore not a tackle attempt) there can be no mitigation, therefore once he made contact with the head he's off, other...
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    [Law] Accidental offside ?

    Red vs Green, U15 Girls and the standard that often brings with it, red kick from their 22, hits green player on the knee (knee so not a kick, and literally hits and bounces off her, no attempt to play the ball or do anything, completely unaware) and goes forward, green team mate in front of her...
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    22 Drop Out - Not taken properly

    From my game on Saturday, 22 Drop Out awarded to red, red captain picks up the ball inside the 22, sort of taps it then flings it with no great urgency to a team mate 5m away (at this point I'm thinking this is where they throw it back and forth a bit before deciding where to drop out from)...
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    New Front Row logic tree

    Doing the rounds on Facebook, some new and oddly worded bits, but have a look at
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    [Kit] ASICS Gel boots in the UK

    Are ASICS pulling out of the UK, compared to the Aussie site there’s hardly any options, not changed in a year, and mirrored by the usual online retailers, Ideally I’m after moulded / firm ground boots, black, in a size 10, but they’re like rocking horse **** ... or in a foul rose gold colour...
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    [Scrum] Scrum to the team 'Going Forward'

    What would you give in the below; Red vs White, White in possession, series of pick and goes but having no joy, over the space of 5 breakdowns they are pushed backwards about 5m, then we end up unplayable so scrum to team going forward (Red?) or fall back to the attacking team (White?) - I gave...
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    Can't post

    If this works I look silly - however anyone else struggling to post / reply? I keep getting 500 errors? - - - Updated - - - Yep, I look silly! It was in the questions forum, don't think there was anything odd in the content - but it's not having it?!?
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    [Law] New Urban Myth - Only a prop can take a knee!

    Out of the mouth of another prop, in response to a player taking the knee whilst waiting for a scrum restart. However this is the same player who refused to bind to his hooker and setup a scrum because he didn’t have to until time was on (I’d taken time off and told them it wouldn’t go back on...
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    Spitting - Red Card?

    An unwelcome first today, player lost his rag, full on spat at an opponent, then proceeded to challenge everyone on the pitch to a fight - seemed an easy red at the time and no one questioned it. Filling in the report I struggled to pigeon hole it under law 9 though (I went with unsportsmanlike...
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    [RWC] RSA vs ITA - Uncontested Scrums?

    Did I miss something key, I know a prop is off for an HIA, but Italy don't have a replacement prop 18 mins ?!?
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    [Law] Ben vs Lei - Red card (Jumper in the Air)

    Can someone please explain how this red card is fair, the ref kept saying he’s in no realistic position to catch the ball, but if you beam blue up, then green is both feet safely on the ground and ball is landing in the bread basket, yet he gets sent off. In reverse, yes, Blue has jumped...
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    [Kit] Neoprene lifting supports

    Had a sub query his kit with me prematch yesterday (if am honest not sure I would have noticed otherwise), he was wearing neoprene thigh ‘supports’ with a lifting support built in, purpose is basically the same as the bandaged lifting supports used by jumpers which we do allow. The lump within...
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    [Tackle] Russia vs Samoa - High Tackle Yellows

    Firstly good to see them going through the framework, but thoughts after the second yellow. For the first I think RP was going Red, but then TMO suggested mitigation of the player dropping, which I can buy, just I think. The second yellow, RP called it the same, player dropping as mitigation...