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  1. SimonSmith

    Bledisloe 3 - the sacrifice of the...

    Two incidents for me. One blindingly obvious, the other confusing. Jordie Barrett (who, with his brother, account for 33% of AB red cards) sent off for doing a Hastings. Went up to collect a high ball, extended his leg, with the end results of studs in face of Koroibete. Offski. The...
  2. SimonSmith

    50/22 no good

    Bledisloe 1 yesterday. Possibly the worst 40 minutes of international rugby I’ve seen. But a moment that highlights just how garbage this law is. Australia break, and have a 3 on 2, their right hand side, on about the NZ 10m line. Ball carrier runs out of ideas and shoes into NZ in goal - with...
  3. SimonSmith

    I've been watching games from days of yore

    (Admittedly, it's Scottish Rugby's greatest hits, but I think my points stand) I've enjoyed watching the matches. And I think I know why. One game was Ed Morrison doing Scotland/Wales, 1999; the other was david Bishop doing the 1990 Grand Slam. And boy, are they quick on the whistle. They...
  4. SimonSmith

    USA Rugby - bankrupt

    For those who may be keeping an eye on the "sleeping giant" of World Rugby, the Board of Directors and the Congress just voted to proceed with Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings on the part of USA Rugby. Years of mismanagement and bad governance coming home to roost.
  5. SimonSmith


    Scotland folks... I have a junior referee moving to Edinburgh in August. I'd like to get him set up for success and as smooth a move as possible. Could anyone from the area who can help send me a private message? Thanks
  6. SimonSmith

    [6N] Italy/France

    Can I get a sanity check? Dying minutes of the game. Italy are piling on the pressure. Winger has ball in hand and is haring off to the goal line. Penaud comes in and slaps the ball; winger falls on the ball with his chest, in goal. Decision: knock on. Scrum France. My instinctive reaction...
  7. SimonSmith

    Diving to score

    We are - I think - broadly agreed that hurdling a potential tackler and having boots near the head is a bit of a no-no. I had two tries scored on Saturday on what was quite a trying day generally. Ruck formed 1 - 2m from the goal line. Black picked up the ball and dived. His dive was not...
  8. SimonSmith

    The Oracle of Dublin

    And lo, Mr Rolland comments on the Summer Internationals Match Clip Comment NZ v FRA (1st) High Tackle - PK only but not a YC NZ v FRA (1st) High Tackle - YC for NZ 7 as strike to head but no force. Much has been discussed...
  9. SimonSmith

    Matt Carley

    I'll probably end up swearing at him as I try to blame anyone other than the team for the ritual spanking, but his first penalty? Scotland kick ahead. Chaser gets nudged out the way by NZ moving lane. Scotland player goes to ground so he doesn't hit the jumping receiver. PK to Scotland. I wish...
  10. SimonSmith


    This isn't really a post asking for feedback, but I'm incredibly proud of my guys so... I help coach an U23 team - The Griffins. Atypically of teams in the USA, we aren't a University team. We're a mishmash of high school - U16 - and non-University kids. 99% of them didn't go to School, which...
  11. SimonSmith

    So. Lungs then

    An appeal to the cognoscenti. I had pneumonia in March (both sides). It came back again earlier this month. Doc sent me for a CT scan. It turns out that my lower left is partially collapsed. I don't know any more than that, and see a Pulmo on Tuesday. Does anyone have any experience? Could...
  12. SimonSmith

    Simon, row your boat alone....

    This got posted on the USA Referees Facebook page (abandon hope all ye who enter there) I haven't posted my opinion yet. What's the consensus here? To save you time, WR haven't explicitly banned it. The guidelines are against it, but leave individual Unions wiggle room.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  13. SimonSmith

    Who's this Giant then?
  14. SimonSmith

    Social Media - Referees

    There is a theme emerging in USA Rugby that referees, in order to help their cause and extend their network, should be maximizing their presence on social media (which, at the moment, means Facebook) I don't know how many of you frequent, or even visit occasionally, the USA Referees' page. It...
  15. SimonSmith

    Not straight. Again. And again.

    Mots pf this season, I've been doing D1 College, and enjoyed it a lot. I had a D3 Men's game today, just to get a change. I've done D3 before, so I thought there would be few surprises. Except... First red L/O? Not straight. Second red L/O? Not straight. Now my heart is starting to sink. I...
  16. SimonSmith

    How do we feel about this decision

    I already know Ian's reply!
  17. SimonSmith

    Coming to you from World Rugby

    This was issued by the Refs Dept at Mothership Colorado. They had requested a clarification from WR on this issue, and this was what was received: KICKING THE BALL IN A RUCK: If a player is part of the ruck he may attempt to kick the ball: If he makes contact with a player on the ground...
  18. SimonSmith

    London Area Help needed

    One of my Society members is coming over for RWCV15. Nationa Panel Assessor. he will be staying at the Crown Plaza by the Natural History Museum. He's looking for some rugby clubs/pubs at which he can imbibe. His itinerary is: Have train tickets to Wembly (NZ V AR 9/20 @8 PM), Olympic Stadium...
  19. SimonSmith

    Injury Query

    If anyone in this here place has experience with athletic pubalgia (aka sports hernia) either as a sufferer or treater, could you DM me? I think my year is done.
  20. SimonSmith

    Scotland Wales restart

    So, it's official then: