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    How many guests?

    If you go right to the foot of the Forum home page you can see current activity on the site. I am struck by the fact that there is often ten times as many guests 'popping in' as there are registered users. Perhaps PR folk come here for ammunition?:shrug:
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    New T shirt anyone?

    Cult following here; :clap:
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    5 Year Ban, hi-jack?

    Does anyone else think the above thread is being hi-jacked? I find the thought of referees openly criticising a disciplinary process that has been visited twice by the highest panel in the country unedifying. Particularly as it is not permitted for referees to be criticised openly. I would...
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    "Catherine wheels go round in circles, Simon" quotes Chopper-is that not a correct description of our Cornish Correspondent at times?;)
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    Whistled, but not in touch.

    Three incident in two different games. First; player heading toward touchline offloads just before he crosses the line, all the subs/coaches screamed for touch and the ref blew for it in good faith. Loads of players shout 'it never went out' etc. Ref admitted error of not looking for TJ and...
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    Knee Operations-rehab

    I'm booked for a knee arthroscopy in February to have a piece of cartilage removed, any idea how long before walking, running, driving. I seem to get a wide variation in answers every time I ask the question.
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    Wales v SA Chris White

    Was it just me that clearly heard Chris White call, on at least two occasions, when a retreating player went to ground to gather a ball "LET HIM UP!" :wow:
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    When will the World Cup be over?

    Obiously these forums are being used, but the world cup is over, isn't it? Perhaps a Re-Branding exercise is required on them.:chin:
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    Las Vegas

    OK, I'm daft but I will be in Las Vegas at the end of July for a family wedding -anything going on rugby-wise?
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    "5m lines" are they not marked the same at the touchline and tryline?
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    Drop goal attempted direct from a free kick-ball goes dead. Is this not just a 22 dropout, why scrum option?
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    Q ref 75; Have I misread the question? How can an offside player be allowed to interfere with play?
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    New Zealand appointments?

    Going out to New Zealand in August and hope to get some reffing in (yes, she does know). Any contacts/ref soceties in north Island anyone? The official NZRFU website seems to have gone inactive at the moment.
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    New Zealand website

    What's happened to the NZRFU website, have it gone to sleep for their off-season? Son in NZ currently says he just played a training match in 28deg C heat on a ground like concrete. He couldn't believe it would go ahead and is now looking for skateboarders elbow/knee pads for training! I hope...
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    Summer fitness

    Discussion started in newsletter regarding summer fitness. Last two seasons I have gone to an organised circuit traing session twice a week. This gives an overall fitness workout, and I don't have to think too hard about what I'm doing-just listen and react. We finish with a timed run along...
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    Anybody played with the new RugbyFirst webpages yet? I'd like to post our appointments by inserting our spreadsheet-in the short term anyway. As we get better we should be able to post them live on the web page-but how do I get the web page I want?:confused:
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    Bulking up

    Does anyone have a diet/fluid regieme for getting undersized refs to fit into a Large refereee shirt?
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    Stretch tee shirts

    Has anyone experienced the stretchy type tee shirt/vest for wearing under your rugby shirt. my new society shirt is short sleeved and I'm tempted to buy the version for cold weather, but at £20plus I'd like to know if they are worth it. I may bin the short sleeved shirt when the weather cools...
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    Q 299

    Should the answer be 'D', where the ball crossed the touchline as this is nearer the players goal line and the ball went slightly backwards?
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    I have just been appointed secretary of our local society, I didn't engage reverse gear quickly enough! One thought I'd like to carry forward is a Newsletter rather than just sheets of paper clipped to the appointments sheet each month. Any good examples on the web I might take ideas from...