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  1. Phil E

    First Aid requirements 22/23 RFU season

    Has anyone got a copy of the first aid requirements update for the coming season? I think it was posted in the RFU online magazine, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks
  2. Phil E

    If you feel like giving?

    Deliberately placed in the Non-Rugby Forum. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this iconic event, teams of Royal Marines stationed in Commando Units across the country will recreate the 56-mile yomp finishing on Friday 10th June, just prior to the start of the commemorative weekend of...
  3. Phil E

    Delete Drafts Button

    Has anyone worked out how the delete draft button works. A few times I have started writing and then decided not to post, but when I select Delete Draft from the drop down next to preview, nothing happens. I end up having to delete everything I have written, plus any quotes, other wise it just...
  4. Phil E

    Law Clarification 3 2022. Jumping into a tackle

    Clarification 3 2022 Clarification in Law by the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee Clarification 3-2022 Union / HP Ref Manager NZR Law Reference 9 Date 28 February 2022 Request NZR seeks clarity on 2 issues: Law 9.17 states “a player must not tackle, charge, pull, push or grasp an...
  5. Phil E


    We used to have some Rugby and Forum specific Emojis on the old site. Red Card, Yellow Card, Off Topic, etc Can we get them back?
  6. Phil E

    Seatbelt Tackles

    On Sunday I had an experienced Club Referee say to me "seat belt tackles are legal now aren't they?" It was more of a statement than a question. He is not the first person to say this to me recently, I have had at least two coaches say the same thing. Has anyone else heard this? Has anyone...
  7. Phil E

    GLTs and Age Grade Rugby

    The RFU have confirmed that the GLT's will apply to U15 and above. U15s will use the GLT's from January. U16 upwards from now. LINK HERE
  8. Phil E

    Charity Game with scrums and new laws!

    At long last I have a charity game on Saturday with scrums and new laws (50/22 etc). There are also two Fijian Internationals playing! Luckily I have AR's and comm's to help me. Really looking forward to it.
  9. Phil E

    Covid Law Variations for England

    With these adapted laws coming into force in just over a week, and interclub games restarting I thought it would be useful to see if anyone envisages any problems with them? We had a Society presentation on Monday and all seems fairly clear. Management and communication seem to be the main...
  10. Phil E

    Premiership relegation set to be suspended

    So...Ealing and Pirates then? :wink:
  11. Phil E

    Match Official Developer App - your input please

    I have been testing an App called MOD (Match Official Developer) over the last couple of weeks as an alternative to pen and paper for watching referees. I have been very impressed with it so far. I have a demo version which allows me to record 10 minute games and am looking forward to trying...
  12. Phil E

    New Rugby Roadmap

    This is the new rugby roadmap (RFU) received today, which replaces all previous versions in line with latest government advice. RUGBY ROADMAP 2021 TIMELINE MARCH V1 Specific match official resources for this stage (Return to Play Stage D resources) of the Road Map include: Match Officials -...
  13. Phil E

    7 Steps to Better Conversations

    This list came up in an American Referees magazine that covers all sports officiating. Not sure I agree with all the points but thought it might be a good conversation piece around referees communication.
  14. Phil E

    Fitness during lockdown

    What is everyone doing (if anything) to keep fit during lockdown? Are you building up your fitness in preparation (hope) of a return to some form of rugby at the end of March/April?
  15. Phil E

    Laws app update

    There is an update to the World Rugby Laws App. It says minor update to the wording of the rules (sic) Would be helpful if they also told us what the wording change was?
  16. Phil E

    Enforcement of current law - refereeing at the breakdown March 2020

    New Law Application Guidelines
  17. Phil E

    One for the grammar police?
  18. Phil E

    Just for a bit of fun

    Google "South Yorkshire Police Complex" and look at the address. :pepper::pepper::pepper::biggrin:
  19. Phil E

    Coaches Rule Reminder!

    Saw this on a website today, I won't say which club, give me strength :mad::wtf: COACHES RULE REMINDER Reminder 1: Knocking on with the knee The ball onto the knee is regarded as a knock on. So a player cannot kick the ball with the knee, or control a bouncing ball, which subsequently goes...
  20. Phil E

    The new ERRA Course for Referees

    I am no longer an active referee educator, but I have been told that in the latest ERRA (English Rugby Referees Award) the phrases Materiality and Contextual Judgement have been removed from the course. Good thing? Bad thing?