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    [Law] Contact with the head

    Question re Wasps v Sale game If contact with the head is about player safety and in the situation where contact is 'accidental' does not mitigate then is there a case for Kieran Brookes to be sanctioned for the hit on his own player, Brad Shields? It does not seem logical to only sanction hits...
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    [Law] Hand Off or Fend to the face/head/neck

    Heading into the new season and I am anticipating questions from players clarifying whether hand-offs to the head, face or neck area are impacted by the increased focus on high tackles and high contact in general? I seem to get asked this mostly when refereeing women's matches interestingly...
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    [Tackle] Offside line at a tackle

    I have a question about the Lawes off-side call - a couple of referees from our society have been discussing today and we have found ourselves having difficulty answering a fundamental question had we been refereeing that game (we wouldn't be because we are all too old and slow, but it doesn't...
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    [Law] England Barbarians

    A great advert for the game from a fans perspective but less so from an officials one? We risk making a mockery of the game if we allow forward passes - where the ball travels forward clearly, especially when there are lines on the pitch to confirm forward passage, and the tv shows multiple...
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    [In-goal] clarification please

    An attacking player grubbers the ball into the in-goal area. In attempting to score the try the ball is knocked forward. Decision?
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    [Law] Law question

    I refereed a game this weekend where at each time a kick at the posts was being taken the person bringing on the kicking tee also brought on some spectacles for the kicker to wear. The opponents objected and asked me for clarification of the law - I hadn't come across this before and allowed the...