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  1. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Where are you this weekend - 2022/23?

    Here we go, about to commence my 17th season in God's Own County. This weekend Pre-season friendly at L8/L7ishy. Dinnington v Mansfield Anticipating a bright red face and cramp. Forecast is for more of the same. Low 30s today. Still, could have been worse, I could have been refereeing this...
  2. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Here's one I've never seen in Senior Rugby.

    Blue kick through to corner and red FB runs across to cover. Kicker and two team-mates are bearing down on FB. No team mates of FB within 20 metres. He gathers the ball and.... flings it into touch!!!! ?????? L7!!!!!!!! I run under the crossbar and award PT. I perhaps should have explained...
  3. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Kicking the ball in the scrum

    I had this occur a couple of times with 2 hookers (same side). Never happened before in 17 years of refereeing despite having refereed this team loads of times over the years. On their oppos put in they would try and kick it towards their oppos. One foot, so nothing illegal there. Oppos were...
  4. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    This weekend:- Sheffield Tigers II v Leicester Lions II Dore Moor in August = 30% chance of dying of hypothermia. 2nd of 2 pre-season games for me. Refereed last weekend. Only one 50/22 , no GLDOs, no latching PKs.
  5. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    France v Scotland

    Has Barnesy had to pop into Sports Direct for some AR flags? :biggrin:
  6. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Sonny Bill Williams

    SBW has retired from both Rugbies to concentrate on boxing. He was a fantastic player in both codes. I first saw him as 19 year old playing for Canterbury Bulldogs against Leeds Rhinos at Elland Road in the World Club Challenge in 2005. Cheap shots and shoulder charges aside his offloading...
  7. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Where are you this weekend 20/21?

    Never thought I'd get here. This weekend I have a "pre-season" friendly under the the new law variations. Thornensians v Barnsley Looking forward to it despite it being my club, no shower?, no beer. My lad has been refereeing in the Allianz Women's Premiership and he's noticed the difference...
  8. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Rugby returns - sort of
  9. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    New record

    A new record for me on Saturday. Biggest aggregate score in 13 years of refereeing = 110 pts. Unfortunately 103 of them were score by one team! :wow: It was Merit League game which always have the potential to throw up spurious results. That said the game was excellent in terms of the spirit...
  10. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Gloucester v Leicester - ruck

    I was watching the above match from last Friday(?) Near the end of the first half there's a tackle that ends up with tackler Kyle Eastmond (Lei) trapping the ball, in the now formed ruck, under his legs. Tempest tells Heinz (Glo SH) the ball's available which is debatable but WH dutifully digs...
  11. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Where are you this weekend? 2018/19

    Off we go again. :) This weekend I have:- Level 7 - Yorkshire 1 Old Crossleyans (Halifax) v Dinnington Crocs, former club of BCM666 of this parish (occasionally) and newly promoted against Dinno relegated from N1E last year. I did Crocs' last game of last season by coincidence.
  12. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Minutes' silence.

    Notwithstanding the fact I'm not sure what the plural of minute's (minutes') silence is, I usually have a request to do a pre-match minute's silence every other season or so. This season I have had four! The first was actually a minute's applause. Three were for club members who had died of...
  13. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Season 2016/17 - The Curse of LLP!!!!

    Now the season is just about finished here in RFU land baring the odd cup game I thought I'd reflect on my season. First season at my new fighting weight having shed 20lb since this time last year. Missed all October with a recurrence of my herniated disc problem. After a number of good...
  14. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    England v France

    Listened to 2nd half on R5L on way home from my game but had to turn it off as I couldn't stand listening to Matt Dawson. What an irritating little twat that man is. :mad: I will form an opinion on AG's performance when I watch it on "tape".
  15. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    [Golden Oldies] Ex-international Rugby Players

    My current list of ex-internationals I have refereed increased by 20% on Saturday. It currently stands at 6. Jamie Bloem - SA RL Garry Pearce - Wales RU, British Lions, Wales RL Dave Scully - Eng 7s John Bentley - Eng RU, British Lions, GB RL Mark Calderwood - GB RL, England RL Chris Sheasby...
  16. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    South Yorkshire Referees Society

    The man himself will be too modest to mention it so I will. Jacko of this parish will be refereeing in the the Premiership this Sunday. He is in the middle for Sale v Saracens. More shirts to keep in the loft. Assisting him will be Jack Makepeace also of SYRS. Congratulations to both. It's...
  17. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Where are you this weekend? 2016/17

    Right, I'll start it off. This weekend I have a pre-season friendly Goole (L9) v Pontefract (L8). I only did one 7s tournament over the summer however I have lost over 1 stone since April and am running 2-3 times a week so should be a bit quicker this year. Passed the YRS fitness test for my...
  18. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Ground too hard.

    I refereed at an U14s 7s tournament at the weekend and one of the competing clubs (who had brought 2x teams in their brand spanking 7s kit) refused to play as they felt the ground was too hard. They raised it at the coaches/refs meeting saying they weren't happy with pitch 2 (usually the...
  19. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    [INTERNATIONAL] Lead by example??

    New captain?
  20. Lee Lifeson-Peart

    [RWC] Burgess What a bloody waste of talent, time and money (in that order). Unfairly scapegoated for England's woeful RWC showing - we were beating Wales when he got taken off! Centre - Back Row - Centre ~ well done Bath/England. Ironic given the perceived...