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    Playing the ball whilst on the ground

    Yes, this happens so frequently we have come to accept it. Similarly: G. Just as Red 9 is about to pass the ball there is an earthquake and Red 10 falls to the ground but is allowed to receive the pass and play on.
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    Playing the ball whilst on the ground

    Law 13 is very clear - why not enforce it? Typically, sadly, the interpretation at show biz level will filter down. A player on the ground without the ball is out of the game and must: Allow opponents who are not on the ground to play or gain possession of the ball. Not play the ball. Not...
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    O shut up!

    Communication is key for referees. But do they need to constantly remind players not to break the laws - like Luke Pearce in the Italy v Scotland game? "Scotland / Italy stop!" - when the half-back kicks ahead of the forwards and they keep moving forward. "Use it!"- to the scrum half...
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    Ire v Italy - Am I miscounting

    These days the hooking skills are restricted to locks / 2nd rows - that's where the ball's put in! #inmy day
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    Ire v Italy - Am I miscounting

    Sure you're right. And I agree that we need to remove the high tackle from the game. But should The flowchart be so rigid?
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    Ire v Italy - Am I miscounting

    Oh, and I thought the call on the red card was marginal. The Italian player was incompetent rather than having any malicious intent and the Irish ball carrier ducked slightly. Penalty + yellow for me.
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    Ire v Italy - Am I miscounting

    I struggled to follow the logic, but them's the laws. Apparently it's designed to stop teams exploiting the uncontested scrum option. A sad indictment of the modern game in that coaches spend time trying to get round the LoTG rather than play within the spirit of the game we love. Ruined the...
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    Sanction for lineout throw not going 5m?

    See it so often at all levels (2 or 3 in my local game yesterday). Ref positions near rear of line-out - standing near the front can make it difficult to get to the next phase - hooker throws to front, receiver steps inside the 5m line, play continues. At To3 level, ARs don't seem to call it. At...
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    Stage of the match should be immaterial

    I was trying to suggest it was a symptom of England's dominance. 6 Nations Sunday. France v Italy. Approx 12 mins, one of first scrums, French shove , Italians wheel. Adamson gives penalty to France. #tricolortintedglasses
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    Stage of the match should be immaterial

    6 Nations. Scotland v England. Score 20 -17, i.e. a successful penalty goal by England would tie the match. Series of scrums close to Scotland's 22, starting at approx, 79 mins but extending beyond 80 mins. England 'won' several consecutive scrums. Pushing Scotland back and /or causing them to...
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    Hooker at lineout

    I get my weekly exercise by offering to run touch TJ at local clubs. Most teams seem happy to pass on the job. As non-appointed, i.e. not part of a To3, I'm mostly ignored by the ref and players except, usually, when raising my flag when the ball goes into touch or when a kick at goal is...
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    Hooker at lineout

    Materiality - yes. What advantage are they gaining? If none, why do they do it? Isn't it just part of the litany of law bending which seems to start at Showbiz level and filter down to grassroots. Squint put-in at scrums, throw to own jumper at line-out, double banking at line-out, flat - or...
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    Placer / Holder

    I ran touch at my local club yesterday in 'wooftie' (gale force) conditions. This gave rise to debate between myself and several supporters about laws which come into play on such days. Firstly - bear with - there were restarts into the wind which travelled 10 metres but were then blown back...
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    Will you be wearing your tights (or leggings) this weekend?
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    'Rugby greats' letter

    Several British and Irish Lions greats have called on World Rugby to allow replacements to be made only for injuries to make the sport safer and help prevent the prospect of a player losing his life on the field. (Planet Rugby) I agree with one of their key points about subs. You can have 8 on...
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    England v France

    France's first try. Was Dupont's tap forward different from tapping the ball over a defender to regather and score?
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    Steve Thompson et al

    Will the case(s) brought by Steve Thompson and others against the Union(s) mean the end of the game as we know it? Every sympathy to anyone suffering from dementia and similar diseases potentially caused by rugby injuries / practices but do players tacitly accept the risks when they take up the...
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    [Line out] Is double-banking back?

    Watching the restart of Premiership rugby it looks as though teams have found a way of introducing double-banking at line-outs which allows them to set up driving mauls more effectively. The usual barn dance of dummy jumpers, switching position, etc. takes place before the ball is thrown. But...
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    [Assistant Referees] Unappointed TJ

    I volunteer regularly to run touch at local games - it keeps me involved in the sport and provides a little exercise especially trying to keep pace with youthful wingers or toing & froing during kicking ping pong. I try to agree my duties with the match referee before the game but as an...
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    [Tackle] Foul play v Late Tackle

    I volunteered to run touch today for the away team at Stafford v Walsall. During the game there was a late tackle after a defender kicked from his 22 towards touch. The referee awarded a penalty and a YC. However, the location of the penalty was at the place of the tackle rather than where the...