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    Mark. Clean catch

    Just reading law 17 and I can't find the words 'clean catch' anywhere in the text have we changed the laws or was there no longer a requirement for the catch to be clean. For example a player who attempts to catch it but ends up knocking it forward then catching it on the second attempt is not a...
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    New 6 Nations Law Trial. Hooker brake-foot and axial loading

    So I've read about this new law change. It looks like it is only for the 6 Nations tournament and , to be honest, I've never not seen a "brake foot" at the "bind" phase of scrum setup. Has anyone seen the banned practice as I'd be keen to get some videos of it so I can spot it more easily. Ta...
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    Advice on "water-carriers" not leaving the field of play quickly enough

    For some reason, I have started seeing this recently. Team who benefit from slowing the game down tend to deploy water-carriers at every sniff of a injury or a stoppage. With my permission to enter the field , then fair enough but when I ask them to leave ( to play on), they dont seem in any...
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    Seat-belt tackle now legal?

    Just watching Leicester Quins where the commentary team made a big thing about the seat belt tackle no longer being a penalty offence. Can someone please point the clarification in law or guidelines as I must have missed.a refs meeting where this was discussed. From the commentary, 'the...
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    [Law] Law Change Proposal - Scrum or FK option after Knock-on

    I was watching the England v SA game on Saturday with some friends. Often in such situations , they ask me (knowing I ref ) for explanations as to why a decision was given etc. One question asked of me was "Why , after a South Africa knocked on do they get a chance to scrum with the...
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    [Law] Ball kicked hits overhanging tree branch and falls back onto pitch

    Crikey ! Thought I'd seen everything in my many years reffing but first time for everything. I did a game from the weekend, quite a low level. But a private sports ground (not a public park) hence would have expected better grounds-keeping. We were on a different pitch to usual for some reason -...
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    [Ruck] You're not now allowed to crocodile roll? Really?

    Just watched this and the bit about not now legal to roll a jackler from a ruck. Is that how you are reffing it ? My society briefing on new law was purely about the lower limbs. Maybe I missed this.
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    [Kit] Kinesiology Tape and Calf muscles

    Last couple of seasons, I've noticed my calf muscles getting more noticeably sore after a game. I've put this down to (a) I'm getting older (b) The level and speed of games is getting more challenging (c) A really bad calf tear 2 seasons ago that led me to abandon the game and some weeks out...
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    [Law] Maul caught from a kick. How to restart after this one ?

    Red attacking blue in open play. Red 10 decides to kick a up-and-under into the 22. The blue 15 is under it and catches it cleanly. However, he does not call "Mark" . Just as he catches it, 2 red attackers wrap him and blue-11 gets back and binds on to his 15 . Everyone stays on their feet so...
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    [Law] Eddie Jones "Captain's Challenge" comment ?

    Eddie has repeatedly made a remark about a "Captain's Challenge" in the France game. What incident was he talking about ? I can only think it was the Ben Earl off-feet PK reversal ( which was correct IMHO ). And, from what I could here, it was the TMO who called it, not the ref, Mr Brace. Well...
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    [Law] Some new laws to make the game more attractive

    Just reading that piece my Matt Dawson. He makes some good points. Whilst , as a ref, its pain to keep changing the laws, I do fear for the future of the game. Falling numbers of players etc etc. So I am willing to accept some new law variations...
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    [Law] Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    End of first half in the Exeter v Bath semi-final. Time has expired. ( > 40 mins on click ). Exeter have a man in sin-bin with about 3:30 mins left on that sin-bin time. A scrum ( which was awarded before the 40 mins was up must be completed). Exeter get a PK at the scrum. They choose to tap it...
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    [Law] Why isn't this pre binding penalised ? In the Wasps Brstol game, there were numerous cases of (mainly Wasps) pre binding with more than 1 player and before contact. I tried to add a video link above , of one such example Personally I'd like to see...
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    [Law] Why isn't this offisde under 10m law ?

    At 4mins 53 s YouTube time... Are we all ok with tthat try? This matter has come up in other threads but when is a charge-down different form a touch ? Or does the definition of a charge-down include all attempts at a charge -down ? A lot of Quins players were...
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    [Law] Lifters lift a teammate to block a PK Scroll forward to 1min 29secs in the video. I used to think this was illegal, is it still. If so, law reference please .. It is not illegal for a conversion right ?
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    J P Doyle video interview

    Interesting ! Love the story about the advantage over call at the end of Saracens Gloucester game. We've all been there !
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    [Law] Whose knock-on is it anyway ?

    Red attacking Blue. Red 10 passes long to red 13 who cannot gather the ball cleanly but juggles it. He was moving forwards at pace. This "juggle" is best described as knocking the ball forward with fingers of left-hand , at least twice. Blue 13 has closed him down quickly and attempts to take...
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    [Law] Windy days. What can happen?

    Last couple of weekends have seen some horrendous storm-force winds which wreak havoc on our beutiful game. I think it would be helpful to pre-brief yourselves on what COULD happen due to that wind. Stuff that normally doesnt happen so you'd have to stop and think what decision to give. Can you...
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    [Law] Time up or restart. Conversion over end of game time

    Try is awarded on 79 mins. Conversion kicker makes sure conversion takes 90 secs. Do I end the the game after the conversion or must we restart ? I had 2 different opinions in my game yesterday. Thanks.
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    [Ruck] Should the ladder/caterpiller ruck be outlawed? Interesting article about the use of the caterpiller or "ladder" ruck. Slowing down the game. Giving the 9 lots of space and time to box=kick with no pressure. Is this clever, entertaining or boring...