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    Above and beyond

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    Genge vs Sexton round 1

    Anybody have a video of the incident with the elbow and the discussion with the referee that followed?
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    France Vs Wales

    Superb team of 4. Simply superb.
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    Liam Williams' ctions around 15:53 (game time) in Italy Vs Wales game

    Hope this works. Naughty?
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    Happy Christmas and New Year to all.
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    And now Sarriers skipper is in trouble!
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    Bound in but not bound (Maul)

    Maul is formed and a Yellow player is bound into the maul but both hands are free and above the bodies. He tries to compete for the ball managing to "swim" through the middle of the maul. He does not manage to win the ball. Would you allow or not?
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    Suitably Trained and Experienced

    How does a player become "Suitably Trained and Experienced" to scrummage unless he has taken part in a real scrum at least once?
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    Owens to referee Wales
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    Pro 14 Ref chief speaks to Wales on line Interesting but I find he explanation of the TMO error laughable. The comment about the scrum put in misses the point. I suggest...
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    6 Nations review.

    (Based on Reports and opinions I respect) Wales B+ At times very, very good (Ireland 80 mins, England 40 mins, Scotland 40 mins, Italy in patches, France 40 mins) England C- So much in terms of talent but something seiously wrong as bot hthe Wales and Scotland games showed.. T obe...
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    Munster V Southern Kings Interesting stat

    Munster Southern Kings 0 15 Penalties 0 1 Free Kicks Really?
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    TMO Protocol

    Player grounds the ball against he foot of the post. Refere asks TMO "Is it a try - Yes or No?". TMO grounding is fine BUt the is a player pulled back so no try. Ignoring JUSTICE. Did the officials follow correct protocol inview of the question asked?
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    On field coaching

    Is this allowed?
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    The toothless beast that is the Free Kick.

    How can we give a free kick some teeth? A free kick differs in three siginificant ways from a PK: 1: Gain in ground PK gain in ground wether the ball goes in to touch on the full or not. FK gain in ground only if the ball does not go into touch on the full. 2: Line out throw PK the ball...
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    Exeter Vs Munster Any thoughts?
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    Nice line in Flanker binds

    Interesting Bind by Peter O'Mahony at the scrum, going under Archer's leg, rather than over Kleyn's back. Leinster Vs Munster
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    Connacht V Glasgow

    Last minute of the game and Connacht (trailing by a point 26-27) attempt a drop goal. The kick falls short and the Glasgow full back carries the ball for a meter or two in-field back into in goal and touches down. Ian Davies gives a drop out 22. Thoughts?
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    Nice Tackle?

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    Morriarty Red (Argentina Vs Wales)

    WRU participation chief, Ryan Jones was defending Morriarty's action where RM put and Argentine player in a head lock and ignored the AR demanded that he release the player, resulting in a red card at the end of the AvW game on Saturday. When challenged on Twitter the WRU employee replied...