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    What’s allowed when no one is left in the ruck?

    Very similar to a question asked of me after my game last Saturday. Ruck had formed. 2 competing players fell to ground and thus exposing the ball. I allowed a defender to step around the ruck pick up the ball and play on. Coach said that he should come through the middle of the ruck only. My...
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    Mark. Clean catch

    Given the laws as written, I'll now allow a juggle +catch and feel confident to support my decision in the bar after the game.
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    Mark. Clean catch

    I remembered seeing a mark being disallowed in Premiership last few months and referee explaining to player (who had thought his catching it was enough ) that it has to be a 'clean catch '. But just checking if, and where in laws I can point to , to backup this interpretation. Seems vague to me now.
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    Mark. Clean catch

    Just reading law 17 and I can't find the words 'clean catch' anywhere in the text have we changed the laws or was there no longer a requirement for the catch to be clean. For example a player who attempts to catch it but ends up knocking it forward then catching it on the second attempt is not a...
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    Clarification 2022/1

    Thanks Crossref. Makes sense now. So I can still carry on awarding a GLDO is its charged-down into in-goal then held-up. That was what the scenario in my head. Phew !
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    Clarification 2022/1

    As per Stu10's post I was more confused after reading the clarification. Before that, I was awarding a GLDO if the attackers charge-downed a kick and it went into in-goal. My rationale being that law 12.11 Play is restarted with a goal line drop-out when: The ball is played or taken into...
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    New 6 Nations Law Trial. Hooker brake-foot and axial loading

    So I've read about this new law change. It looks like it is only for the 6 Nations tournament and , to be honest, I've never not seen a "brake foot" at the "bind" phase of scrum setup. Has anyone seen the banned practice as I'd be keen to get some videos of it so I can spot it more easily. Ta...
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    Advice on "water-carriers" not leaving the field of play quickly enough

    Good advice. So ultimately, if water-carrier enters the field of play WITHOUT my permission, should I award a PK ? Of so where ? What is the escalation profile on sanctions ? I once ( thankfully only once) had a difficult issue with an angry coach and was told that ultimately, one can declare...
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    Advice on "water-carriers" not leaving the field of play quickly enough

    For some reason, I have started seeing this recently. Team who benefit from slowing the game down tend to deploy water-carriers at every sniff of a injury or a stoppage. With my permission to enter the field , then fair enough but when I ask them to leave ( to play on), they dont seem in any...
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    New Forum Feedback

    Pretty sure I used to clikc something like "today's posts" or "latest posts" in the forum menu somewhere. Cant find its new equivalent. Tryin on my mobile ( Firefox on Adnroid ) and I;m getting Internal Server Error" when clickong on the Forum link on page
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    Seat-belt tackle now legal?

    Just watching Leicester Quins where the commentary team made a big thing about the seat belt tackle no longer being a penalty offence. Can someone please point the clarification in law or guidelines as I must have missed.a refs meeting where this was discussed. From the commentary, 'the...
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    [Law] Law Change Proposal - Scrum or FK option after Knock-on

    I was watching the England v SA game on Saturday with some friends. Often in such situations , they ask me (knowing I ref ) for explanations as to why a decision was given etc. One question asked of me was "Why , after a South Africa knocked on do they get a chance to scrum with the...
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    [Law] Ball kicked hits overhanging tree branch and falls back onto pitch

    Crikey ! Thought I'd seen everything in my many years reffing but first time for everything. I did a game from the weekend, quite a low level. But a private sports ground (not a public park) hence would have expected better grounds-keeping. We were on a different pitch to usual for some reason -...
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    [Ruck] You're not now allowed to crocodile roll? Really?

    Just watched this and the bit about not now legal to roll a jackler from a ruck. Is that how you are reffing it ? My society briefing on new law was purely about the lower limbs. Maybe I missed this.
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    [Kit] Kinesiology Tape and Calf muscles

    Last couple of seasons, I've noticed my calf muscles getting more noticeably sore after a game. I've put this down to (a) I'm getting older (b) The level and speed of games is getting more challenging (c) A really bad calf tear 2 seasons ago that led me to abandon the game and some weeks out...
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    [Law] Maul caught from a kick. How to restart after this one ?

    Red attacking blue in open play. Red 10 decides to kick a up-and-under into the 22. The blue 15 is under it and catches it cleanly. However, he does not call "Mark" . Just as he catches it, 2 red attackers wrap him and blue-11 gets back and binds on to his 15 . Everyone stays on their feet so...
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    [Law] Eddie Jones "Captain's Challenge" comment ?

    Eddie has repeatedly made a remark about a "Captain's Challenge" in the France game. What incident was he talking about ? I can only think it was the Ben Earl off-feet PK reversal ( which was correct IMHO ). And, from what I could here, it was the TMO who called it, not the ref, Mr Brace. Well...
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    [Law] Some new laws to make the game more attractive

    Just reading that piece my Matt Dawson. He makes some good points. Whilst , as a ref, its pain to keep changing the laws, I do fear for the future of the game. Falling numbers of players etc etc. So I am willing to accept some new law variations...
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    [Law] Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    End of first half in the Exeter v Bath semi-final. Time has expired. ( > 40 mins on click ). Exeter have a man in sin-bin with about 3:30 mins left on that sin-bin time. A scrum ( which was awarded before the 40 mins was up must be completed). Exeter get a PK at the scrum. They choose to tap it...