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    Cipriani knocked out

    But is there anyone looking at the ball carrier?
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Gloucester v Exeter

    First in-the-air take out of the new Prem season. All agreed? Or any comments?
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Stormers v Chiefs

    Anyone watching? Thoughts on the first half officiating?
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    [Law] WR Law amendments

    Rugby law book to be shredded by 50% to make it easier to understand This true?
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    [In-goal] Try yes/no - DBL

    Afternoon all Yesterday during my match I had this scenario. Attacking team (BLUE) vs defending team (BLACK). BLUE line break from halfway up to 3-4m out from the try line, before a cynical BLACK offside earns a penalty advantage*. BLUE recycle the ball, pass the ball out, and the BLUE 10...
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    [Law] Offside or no offside - Ospreys v SF

    Any thoughts on Matt Carley's try award for SF after the kick ahead?
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Tackle?

    Bit of a rib tickler.
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    RC - Bryce Heem (Wasps v Worcester)

    No complaints on the outcome, but any thoughts on the line that Black 13 takes?
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    [Tackle] Ulster vs NGD - Rodney Ah You RC

    Anyone see his RC yesterday? Thoughts?
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    Grounded Not grounded?

    Looks to me like Gold grounded it.
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    Two more head contacts for you to pick over

    Twitter: Randall Morrison - Timisoara Saracens First one Twitter: Mat Luamanu - Harlequins Second one You don't have to be on Twitter to view. I shall try and record/upload a version of both to embed here though.
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    New measures for contact with the head If players are down by 2 with a few mins to go, can they feign a slip into the tackle and buy a penalty?
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    Hartley red card - Saints v Leinster

    A still shot from the moment of impact, and a few frames before (just for a player height comparison)
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    Hartley red card - Saints v Leinster

    Stone waller? Twitter link to video for now, will post another video when it is available
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Mat Luamanu dangerous tackle

    Ok, so that's the 10 standing upright vs the moment of contact. Minimal duck? He's 6 foot 1. Average femur length 19 or 20 inches in an average male. That's a huge difference! As you can see, there is 1 second difference.
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    [CLUB RUGBY] Mat Luamanu dangerous tackle

    Harlequins' post with Luamanu tackle video Quins' Twitter feed has this post/video on with commentary Thoughts on this? He's got a bit of a big hit back catalogue, some legal, some not Luamanu tackle on Josh Beaumont - RC
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    Loads of talking points from this weekend

    I will spend some time tomorrow pulling a few clips together if I can. For starters: Faosiliva red card in the Worcester v Gloucester came. Unusual type of card, as he was in fact the ball carrier. If you can't see it...
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    Talking points from England v Wales V2

    Just for notes at the moment, will try and find video clips tomorrow 1) Joe Marler elbow 2) Joe Marler alleged racial abuse 3) CJ warning to Wales in 1st half and no follow up YC (not sure there should have been myself) 4) Alleged gouge from Wales 18 and TMO/CJ process Any others?
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    [Law] Penalty kick at goal

    Player places the ball on the tee. Pre-kick routine. Takes steps towards the ball to kick and the ball falls off. Opposition players start to move towards the ball to play on. Referee (me) sends them back, allows the kicker to replace the ball on the tee with a team mate to hold it, and start...
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    Unpick this...

    How did the referee get on? Can't seem to embed it on my phone... if a mod could help me out that would be great... ta!