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    Hong Kong Sevens - a great festival of top class 7's

    Have spent much of the weekend watching the HK Sevens - excellent entertainment. Generally thought the refs did an excellent job. Must be a great training ground for the bigger games. Most unfortunate error of judgement (IMHO) by otherwise excellent ref in final surely denied Wales the result...
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    A maul that has ceased to exist.

    Have been browsing some of the regulations on the IRB web site and come across this one... Am finding it difficult to get my head around the concept of a maul not having ended successfully or unsuccessfully and yet no longer existing...
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    Time to move forward, IRB?

    It is unfortunate that argument still continues on the rights and wrongs of a red card which, it would appear, is now accepted as a correct decision by most referees and those who manage and administer the game of rugby. So why does the controversy continue and what can be done to prevent a...
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    RWC and the TV commentators

    Clearly, to be a good TV commentator cannot be easy - after all there is only one Bill McClaren in a lifetime. However, the fellows on ITV just don't seem to be much of an enhancement to the match for me. As someone who watches the Tour de France on TV, I appreciate the skill of the...
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    Referee Rating - Nigel Owens - Ireland v England (Friendly)

    BIASED REPORT Yes OFFSIDES 8 ADVANTAGE 8 SCRUMS 7 RUCKS & MAULS 8 TACKLE 6 CONTROL 7 COMMUNICATION 8 DANGEROUS PLAY 7 FITNESS 9 ATTITUDE 9 OVERALL 8 OTHER COMMENTS Thought Nigel let himself down on consistency today. Maybe he was scared of dishing out too many cards before the RWC? His energy...
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    RFU in Meltdown?

    I draw attention to article in the Guardian but make no comment other than to say that we do at least have rugby matches to watch whilst all this goes on. Hopefully that will continue... :shrug:
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    RWC on your smartphone!

    Just picked up the new official mobile app. Interested to hear comments when we have had a chance to explore...
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    Rugby in the Outback

    Saw this article in the paper yesterday... CLICK HERE Wonder how they manage for refs?? And who would fancy refereeing it??:swet:
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    Auckland v Canterbury

    Another lovely touch down 'controversy' at the end of the first half... Was it over the line, on the line, where were his knees, is that relevant? Yes it has the lot... As the commentators implied it is one of the great things about rugby, different sets of people can watch the same thing and...
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    Experimental laws.

    Yesterday watched Hampshire v Dorset and Wilts with experimental laws... Unfortunately didn't get a chance to talk to Steve Harland who was reffing. Observation... there is a lot of work to be done to get a consistent approach to the breakdown applicable across all levels. Collapsing the ruck...
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    Problems with the parents.

    The following in the Times today raises considerable concerns... if correctly reported. Are things getting worse? Follow this link for full article. Anyone familiar with the club involved? Hopefully a one off that will be dealt with appropriately.
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    Bringing the game into disrepute...

    Am I alone in thinking that for a captain of an international sports team, the finding of 'bringing the game into disrepute' is a far greater concern than that of being penalised some runs for a playing offence? Under what circumstances, if any, would a rugby captain not lead his team out for...
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    What would you do?

    You travel 30 miles to ref a game between 2 second XVs. It is a level 9 game and also merit table. The keen young skipper of the visiting side approaches to explain that they only have 12 players. He had to do some pursuasive talking to get the others to drive 45 miles with only 12. You...
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    Rugby World Cup

    Have just received a first web site for the RWC produced by local friend who always does sites such as this... Nothing like getting in early!!! he has managed to grab a pretty good name for it!!
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    Talking Cobblers

    What do we think about a referee who uses two languages on the pitch in an International? Mr Rolland switched repeatedly in today's match. Preventive to the French was in French and to the English in English... usually. Very clever no doubt, but is it consistent? Does it help or does it...
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    Are penalties always necessary

    Today I watched a game which was very well refereed at level 7. The referee gave 2 penalties in the first half. In the second as the competitive element rose he had to step it up and gave a total of 5. His management and attitude were appreciated by the players who responded by not...
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    Players in motion at penalty

    In U19 and younger I have never allowed players of the team taking a PK to be in motion before the kick is taken. Clearly if a group all charge together then the law against cavalry charges applies If one solitary player comes at pace onto the ball which is then played to him it can hardly be...
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    Painful experience

    Have recently watched a referee with a seriously pulled leg muscle attempt to manage a county U16 game... Every time he managed to hobble within about 20 yards of play (he did have a very loud voice) the little blighters would kick diagonally and leave him in the distance waving his arms in...
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    Neutral referees for Powergen?

    Yet again, Rob Andrew, with his team beaten has sort to deflect criticism onto the referee. That the Falcons made tactical errors seems to be pushed to one side. He has patronisingly suggested that Nigel Williams has 'done his best' but refers to tremendous pressures for the referees. He then...
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    Players don't cheat......

    One of the very first games I refereed, after having played for a number of years at the social level, but having pored over the law book. The game was a 6th XV and many of the players knew me well..... Player A. "May I leave the pitch to get some tape round my hand?" Captain ,"We'll wait for...