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    Fall Season 2011

    I've decided to start a blog about each game I ref and take any comments on how to improve. Hopefully I can keep track of the stats and post them as well. Match Date: 17Sept2011 I had a men's club match and for the first league match of the year, my expectations for the teams was a little bit...
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    Interrupted tackle sequence...

    I’ll try to describe this, but please bear with me. Ball carrier A was tackled by player B so when the landed they formed an L with the ball carrier A landing north/south and the tackler B laying on the ball carriers legs going east/west. Immediately, the ball carrier released the ball in the...
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    Repeated Infringements

    Everyone has some varying opinion on what is repeated infringements or not. But what I want to know is - How do you keep track of repeated infringements?