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    2014/15 Guidance

    Each year there seems to be a focus and or guidance issued to refs of what the hot topics are for the forthcoming season. (I recall the big 5 and scrum put ins in recent years) Has anyone seen or heard what these are for this year?
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    NZ v England

    That's some performance by the AB's well done - simply different class first half.
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    Early Christmas gift for Ian Cook?

    Saw this and thought that this would make a perfect Christmas gift for you Ian, I know you're a fan.
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    England in NZ

    What should be a cracking tour is being hamstrung by an odd scheduling decesion. Anyone know why the dates were agreed in the knowledge that England can't select from their top 2 sides? I think it's odd to say the very least.
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    PMQs Podcast

    Does anyone happen to know if there is a podcast of PMQs? The Guardian one is never updated.
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    Not 10

    At a 7s game Kick off is a grubber kick. It is rolling towards the 10m line and still in motion. Kicker's team mate gets there first and with one foot on the 10m line picks up the moving ball which hasn't reached the 10m yet. Clearly the actual answer is 'manage it' but in law has this gone 10?
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    Huge fight IF this wasn't a joke would you bin the diver?
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    Glaws v Bath Sounds tasty..... Anyone watch it? Glaws down to 11! Look forward to video emerging
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    New Euro Comps

    Now that the dust has settled and the new deal has been signed - I thought a new thread is probably needed - considering that the old one is 45 pages of speculation. What are people's views on the new deal? It seems that that the French and English clubs have got what they wanted (whether...
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    L/0 - Maul positoning

    Did a game last week and I got clattered - which is very unusual for me. Some photos have appeared,!prettyPhoto From photo 44 onwards. It was a L/0 in the 22 Green catch and drive. I start...
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    Team of the 6 Nations

    Here's my view, acknowledging my English bias; 1 Healy 2 Hartley (with Hibbard on @ 60) 3 Ross 4 Launchberry 5 Lawes 6 O’Mahony 7 Warburton 8 Vunipola 9 Care 10 Sexton (just) 11 North (maybe Kearny just to get him on the pitch) 12 Roberts 13 Burell 14 Huget 15 Brown (but...
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    Sir, Sir's picking on me Fair comment? or Another WG whinge?
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    Yo Yo Test

    Does any one have access to the table of shuttles of each level on the Yo Yo test? The BOP rugby link is broken and I can't find it on their website A Google search provides a table but it doesn't seem right - the version I've done the levels jump really quickly (from 5 to 11 I think) Any...
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    Mark - @Clean Catch

    The player must make a clean catch direct from an opponent’s kick and at the same time shout “Mark”. A mark cannot be made from a kick-off, or a restart kick except for a drop-out. **** During the Ireland Scotland game CJ awarded a mark to Scotland. There was an up and under and the Blue full...
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    Food and Weight Gain

    OK, not sure where else to put this question. It's been bugging me for a while so I hope that one of more scientific minded members can help me out. Is it possible to put more weight on than a portion of food weighs? So for example if I drink 1L of water I will weigh 1KG more than before...
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    5m scrum or 22

    Red kick ball it stops 2m short of Blue's goal line. Blue 15 with both feet in goal picks up the ball and grounds it. Who took it in goal in red or blue?
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    Ref accused of abusing a player Not the wisest choice of words, but anyone else find Southampton's outrage hard to swallow considering football's treatment...
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    He won't do that again

    I did this game yesterday. 10 mins to go Campion leading 10-7 I award a PK to Dartford on the 22 in line with one of the...
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    Aus v Ireland - red card

    The ban has landed for this tackle; 5 weeks. I think when comparing it to the Toby Flood one he'll feel a little hard done by. What was pleasing was it was spotted live and dealt with...
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    Try score agasint the post

    Am I reading this right? 22.4 OTHER WAYS TO SCORE A TRY (b) Grounded against a goal post. The goal posts and padding surrounding them are part of the goal line, which is part of in-goal. If an attacking player is first to ground the ball against a goal post or padding, a try is scored. I've...