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  1. didds

    Australian trial - non contested throws and straightness.

    But if an angels on a pin head question here, purely hypothetical etc really. Under the Australian law trials, one of the trials is Only contested throws to lineout can be adjudicated as not straight We have touched on this but I just wanted to return to it. So in my hypothetical scenarios...
  2. didds

    Test match - FR numbers and outcomes

    I thought Id sorted this in my head but clearly not. In yesterday's Ireland v Aus game, Australia has.,.. * #2 off fro HIA/concussion * # 16 then later got YCd. So at the enxt scrum Aus brought on IIRC #18 - a trained FR but not hooker. The commentators at that juncture suggested this was so...
  3. didds

    tapped FKs at scrummages - a thought

    We typically see any tapped FKs that are awarded for scrum infringements tapped by the #8 - presumably because the FK mark is mid tunnel, the packs are still in the way, so the tap is taken behind and in line with the mark. This in effect means the attackers lose a couple or three metres of...
  4. didds


    I havent seen any posts from OB recently (though thats also probably my own inability to register much!). hope he is OK. didds
  5. didds

    Andrew Brace - 2nd test, Brisbane, Aus v Eng

    I'd be interested in you guys ie referees thoughts regarding Andrew Brace's positioning at time during today's test match. ta! didds
  6. didds

    Macbeth - Bath - THIS week...

    a non rugby post... ;-) In case any of you are near Bath this week (thu 7-Sat 9) and fancy seeing a bit of Macbeth set in the style of Peaky Blinders in London 1920s... you could see me get murdered as Duncan, then appear as a murderer and see off Banquo and lady MacDuff. We were described...
  7. didds

    offside line at the tackle.

    I thought I understood this - but maybe not. In the image below, apparently there was never a ruck only a tackle. Im told that blue cannot run around to try and win/grab the ball because there is an inviolate offside ljne at the tackle now, in effect making it the same as a ruck. Is that...
  8. didds

    non contested "maul"

    You don't need a twitter account to see the video (Ive tested it) So - Presumably the ball is always at the front during the stand off. So what is to stop dark blue just moving forward and scoring/forcing grey to make contact and defend? is it because this is now - even if moving very slowly...
  9. didds

    citing head clashes timelines

    Is there a citing window at the international level for impacts with force to the head? A cut off time for citing? Or is it a case of the citing panel meticulously go through each game after the event and decide themselves if a player should be cited for such? I have in mind this incident...
  10. didds

    Worcs v Quins - is it in or outside the 22 then?

    Worcs v Quins 25/2 Sorry - cannot find a video online to help generically but if you have BT sport its at the 3:30 minute mark game time worcs kick from inside their half and the ball goes into touch JUST outside the 22. So HQ throw in. The AR is standing just outside the 22. Worcs however...
  11. didds

    Throwing from behind the AR/TJ

    As per the Calcutta game at the weekend... I've seen a few low key chats about this quickly taken lineout (not a QTI) especially wrt the thrower throwing in behind the AR who is still standiing on the line. Personally I cant think of anything that would stop blue 2 throwing in standing...
  12. didds

    how long is half time in the women's 6N?

    having abrain fart! It IS ten minutes - isn't it?
  13. didds

    Edit a post not available

    As ever, Ive posted a reply in a thread, then after the event noticed a typo. The old forum allowed one to edit a post for up to 30 minutes... I cant see anything obvious to do this in the new forum? Is that option defunct now?
  14. didds

    [ISSUE] They're baaa-aaaa-aaaa-ck

    yay! returns!
  15. didds

    [Law] PK knock on played by opponent within 10m of the mark...

    Had this query from a chum following his reffing a local U15s game yesterday (RFU land). "Blue player takes quick tap penalty and then immediately knocks it forward. Green player who is not back 10m gathers ball. Penalty to blue for not retreating 10 or play on/scrum green? I awarded a penalty...
  16. didds

    [Law] a book!

    No connection etc ... but jujst came across this etc... didds
  17. didds

    [Tackle] Head contact, with force, with mitigation - not even a PK?

    43rd minute of Lions v Japan. Tackle from chasing defender, first contact with wrapping arms is clear contact with the head with force - appreciating its mitigation etc etc. Not even a PK, not even a review by the To4 (that is obvious anyway?) is this...
  18. didds

    [Law] France v England - 30/4/2021

    Another debating point As you start to run the YT video keep an eye on poppy cleal on the floor - as the camera zooms she is into the left hand bottom corner of the screen. Thoughts?
  19. didds

    [Law] England v France - 24/4/2921

    Couple of points from last weekend's Eng v Fra women's 6N game I thought worth a chat about... played on, no To4 response at all. Marginal ? again, no To4 interaction... do you...
  20. didds

    [Tackle] Head clash, with force, "accidental" = no card? women's 6N

    In one of the women's 6N games alst weekend (I _think_ it was Ireland v Wales ) there was a head clash incident reviewed by TMO. I unfortunately cannot find it on any video available online - if anybody can Id be grateful becasue obviously its difficult to discuss this without such :-( ISTR it...