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    J'ai lu hier soir un article dans une magasine canadienne (anglophone) à propos de la formalité quand on s'addresse à un collegue/superieur/etc. L'auteur a examiné les differences parmi les generations, entre le français europeen et canadien, etc. Je suis curieux - comment vous addressez-vous...
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    Aus v. Wal: fight at the end of the match?

    Keep your eye on the two players (red 9 and gold 4, I believe) at the bottom-left of the screen. Surely this is worth at least a penalty if not cards!
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    Western Force refereeing videos

    From the press release: RugbyWA has commissioned a series of short videos highlighting some of rugby’s laws and the importance played by referees in our great game. The Community Rugby Department have worked to come up with some entertaining and fun skits that will appeal to both a rugby and...
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    SCO v WAL: penalty at the tackle?

    Have a look at this tackle: Would you give a penalty against the ball carrier for not releasing the ball? Would you give one against the tackler for not releasing the ball carrier? Or would you give no penalty, like the referee of the day did?
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    High penalty count at the tackle

    At my game on Saturday, I had a high penalty count at the tackle. The count was roughly evenly split between the two teams, but one team (Green) was penalised more when they were the ball carrier (e.g. not releasing the ball) and the other (Black) when they were not (e.g. not releasing the...
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    Dangerous tackle?

    These tackles are becomming more and more common... at what point do they become penalisable for being dangerous? How much of an effort to grasp the ball carrier is necessary?
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    Rugby in Antarctica

    Puts our winter weather into perspective, don't it?
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    Knock on into in-goal: advantage?

    Apologies if this has been covered before. I searched and couldn't find a thread on it. Blue are attacking against white. A blue player is carrying the ball and is tackled 2m from the white goal line. As he is tackled, blue knocks on and the ball goes into in-goal. White touch down the ball...
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    Colour video of London, 1927 I thought this was fantastic, even though I am not from there. Seems to have changed a lot, and at the same time not very much at all.
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    Advantage in the 70s

    I was looking through the videos on the Barbarians web site and found an interesting clip: The #10 for NZ clearly knocks on, and the referee plays advantage for what seems to me like quite a long time. I don't think we'd see such a...
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    Ruling 2: 2009 (revised)

    This ruling states that the outcome of simultaneous grounding in-goal and being touch-in-goal results in a 22m drop out. I am inferring the condition that the attacking team took the ball into the in-goal in the first place. If it was taken in by the defending team I would award a 5m scrum.
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    Too many resets - prop mismatch

    I reffed a game on Saturday, a well contested game between Black and White, the two teams at the top of the table. The game overall was really good, probably the highest caliber I have reffed, and I was happy with my performance, as was my coach. However, the scrums gave me problems. The White...
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    Would you ping him for not releasing the ball?

    I'm interested to get your thoughts on this tackle. About 6 seconds into this video, white #7 gets tackled and blue #2 attempts to get the ball. Would you ping white #7 for not releasing the ball or do you think he takes an appropriate amount of time to play the ball? My own thoughts are that...
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    Teen found guilty of manslaughter for on-field actions

    An article on a tragic case in Canada: The judge made reference to the actions being beyond "any standard by which the game is played". The ruling seems to begin to draw (or uphold?) a line...
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    Paddy O'Brien explains ELVs

    I searched through the forums and couldn't find these videos, so I thought I'd post them. Could be useful to hear Paddy O'Brien explain the ELVs: Part one: Part two: Part three...
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    Mental fitness training using flash cards

    A referee in my area suggested to me that a good way to improve mental fitness is to have a stack of flash cards with questions and answers, and in between shuttle runs, grab a card and try to answer the question on it as quickly as possible. So, does anyone know of a place (preferably in...
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    Question reference number 212

    Just a nit-pick: the response to question reference number 212 refers to law 15.7i, which doesn't exist. It should be 15.6i.
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    Intentional knock-on?

    I've been reading these forums for a few days now and I thought I'd pop in with a question. The scenario is: red scrum, red #9 picks up the ball from the back, hesitates for a moment or two and attempts a pass to his #10. Because of the delay, blue #9 has time to dive, arms outstretched, and...