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  1. PeterH

    Top 14 Final on TV

    TV5 website says it is on Sky ( Sky guide says "Non" The semi Toulon-Toulouse was ON ... anyone know?
  2. PeterH

    UK - Which channels are showing European rugby

    Up to now I have subscribed to SKy Sports and ESPN (in HD) so I can watch both GP and Top14 rugby... Great I am very confused this season... Has anyone got up to date info on "who" is showing "what" and whether I need to swap ESPN for Setanta UK (or whatever it's called)
  3. PeterH

    Law Amendment Trials

    IRB Council Approved Law Amendment Trials The following Law amendments have been approved for global trial by IRB Council. The implementation dates are the start of the next Northern Hemisphere season at, or around, September 1, 2012, and the start of the next Southern Hemisphere season at, or...
  4. PeterH

    My trip to Devon... comments?

  5. PeterH

    Single stud on toe of boot?

    Email sent on behalf of Richard Glynne-Jones to all Referee Society Secretaries Ladies and Gentlemen, Illegal Boots Please see attached photographs of a boot with a single toe stud configuration that is being purchased for use in playing Rugby. This is illegal under Law 4.4 (j) and...
  6. PeterH

    Premiership clubs hit hard by RWC?

    Looks like the clubs taking a battering are the those supplying the bulk of the RWC England squad - obvious I know ... But my point, I cannot believe that funding is equal despite Newcastle and Worcester supplying no england players... Pos Team Pts 1 Harlequins 17 2 Saracens 14 3 Exeter Chiefs...
  7. PeterH

    Pitch cordon and marked areas

    I have been asked what the current state of play is regarding cordoning off the pitch and marked areas for subs and coaches are: Anyone got this in a doc?
  8. PeterH

    Secretary role advice

    As the new secretary of my Soc - I need some assistance.. What systems do you guys use? What is the invaluable advice you were given when you started? What is the key work you do? What is the worst part :) ? I know every Soc might be different - but i am getting nowhere asking the previous Sec...
  9. PeterH

    Brian Moore - you have to smile Watch the top one - but scroll to the bottom
  10. PeterH

    Latest report

    YORKSHIRE FEDERATION ASSESSOR’S REPORT FORM 2010-11 REFEREE: Peter Houghton Level 7 Liverpool Society ASSESSOR: xxxxx DATE: 02.10.10 MATCH RESULT: S 18 v B 17 GAME LEVEL 7 OBJECTIVES: Please list the objectives agreed with the referee prior to the match. These should ideally be established...
  11. PeterH

    Latest report

    This was my trip to SW last weekend... Great game - pretty fast and open at times Gutted at MD - thought I had a G ================================================ RFU REFEREE REFEREE ASSESSMENT FORM 2 NAME OF REFEREE: P. Houghton LEVEL: 7 SOCIETY: Liverpool MATCH TYPE: xxxxxxxxxx LEVEL...
  12. PeterH

    Printed shirt supplier... know a good one?

    See these pics as examples - about 6 refs need a printed kit like the following for our 2011 tour. A bit like this: But we loved these I am ignoring these 2 members of the whistling fraternity :)
  13. PeterH

    Quick throw - who the ball touches ...

    I have just read the thread on the "hands on ball" and was wandering around the web sites before I go off the AR i the Lancs Cup later today when I saw this... The key bit is the AR copping it on the chin for "Williamson allowed...
  14. PeterH

    Ospreys - Scarlets - ball falls over in run up to kick...

    I have had 2 texts on this from mates... ============== Biggar had the chance to put the Ospreys into the lead with a 43-metre penalty in the third minute after the Scarlets were penalised for infringing offside following a chip from rookie scrum-half Tavis Knoyle. But the ball rolled off the...
  15. PeterH

    Quiet and unassuming - me! :)

    replaced with attachment
  16. PeterH

    Ref's tour

    I have been asked by a few mad fools at Liverpool if we (i.e. me) could organise a summer/end of season tour to somewhere warm in southern France or Italy (Spain/Portugal)... Thinking easyjettable - cheap digs Will be a mixed group - L9-L4 maybe half a dozen of us - looking to get 1 game each...
  17. PeterH

    Definitive list of S14 law "application/views"

    I know they work to the same laws as us... :rolleyes: But watching the games this weekend - I am confused as to what they are doing different is some cases... Does anyone have a list of what they are concentrating on - cos my head was hurting at times when I would/wouldn't have blown (or...
  18. PeterH

    Hmmm - Stephen Jones' forgotten laws

    From this week's Rolling Mail email... The top 10 laws and bylaws that no referees bother with anymore 1. Put the ball in straight into the scrum: Forgotten. The ball is now fed diagonally towards the second row. 2. Throw the ball in straight to the line-out: No-one ever bothers. You just bung...
  19. PeterH

    Very funny - Ireland unveil new Puma shirts...

    This is a clip of POC losing it completely when talking to a crowd of journos about the new strip Awful sound quality (a blessing) but Darcy lets rip and he hears it - BOD doesnt and this deserves to be on TV Apologies if you dont think it suitable -...
  20. PeterH

    Equalising U19 scrums post YC

    Sorry for long title... couldn't think of a better one. I am slightly confused here obviously... Last week - I YC'd a back in a U19 game... now bear in mind I rarely ref anything except seniors and was asked about 9:30 on Sunday morning to cover this one... The miscreant's team then wanted to...