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    Training on a bike

    I have a problem with my hips that means I cant do much running for training. I've been told to keep my running to match days only. I've recently bought a turbo trainer for my bike and signed up to Zwift, what kind of training on the bike would be best to keep me fit for reffing ?
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    NZ vs IRL Test 3 - Andrew Porter‘s “absorbing tackle” on Brodie Retallick

    As an Irishman watching through my green tinged glasses I was astounded when Porter didn't get a RC. For me its exactly the type of tackle that we want out of the game. Porter tackles Retallick, He makes no attempt to go low and is always in an upright position. He makes direct contact with...
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    Offside when ball goes dead

    In the match in question it didn't prevent the QTI, they took the QTI and then he blew the whistle.
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    Offside when ball goes dead

    Red have a ruck on their 5m line. The ball is passed back to red 10 who is deep in goal and he kicks for touch and finds it. Blue take a QTI and red12 who was ahead of the kicker and has advanced is in a position to make a tackle. Is red 12 offside ? or has the ball going dead negated the fact...
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    WB shows YC for swearing

    For me Barnes got it bang on. Player disputes decision, Ref tells him to stop , player escalates his disputing , Ref has to take action otherwise he loses control. Ref issues YC. Its not the Refs fault that the player is already on a YC.
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    Placer / Holder

    You have a point Crossref, but then at the next Pen they will want the "tee boy" to do the same and you will be blue in the face explaining it to them. Im a big believer in KISS, keep it simple stupid. Dont complicate things and avoid situations that can come back to bite you. One of the 15...
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    They have to wait for us sir?

    Sounds fine to me.
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    Not being smart, tell them they have to wear shorts. If they don't, they cant play.
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    so as to be in a position to receive the ball

    Yes , they have left the lineout and should retreat 10m . They are allowed to change positions within the lineout but not leave and come back in again. It gives them a huge advantage in the maul set up.
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    SH pulling the ball with their hands in a long ruck

    If the ball is clearly won then the ref should call use it. The SH now has 5 secs to use it If the SH then wants to create an ideal situation so that he can easily clear the ball. We shouldn't allow the SH to move the ball with his hands in order to facilitate this. I want them to do as you...
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    SH pulling the ball with their hands in a long ruck

    If they want to make a caterpillar ruck then they shouldn't be allowed to use their hands to get the ball to the end of that ruck. As soon as the ball is available the ref should call use it, The SH then has 5 secs to play it, if he wants to use it up rolling the ball with his foot, fine but...
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    Sin Bin

    7. Players Temporarily Suspended 7.1 When a Player is Temporarily Suspended, subject to clause 7.3, below, that Player must remain in the ‘sin bin’ area (as designated pursuant to clause 4.8.2 of the Championship Rules) for the duration of the Temporary Suspension. 7.2 A Temporarily Suspended...
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    Sin Bin

    Cheers , but cant seem to find the answers to my questions there. Its a professional game question, basically a player that was sinbinned didnt sit in the allocated seat and went through a warm up routine with the other players. I was wondering if this was allowed as I didnt think it was.
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    Sin Bin

    If a player is YCd is it specified where they must sit ? Can they sit with their teammates or take part in a warm up with them ? Can a coach sit down beside them and talk to them during the 10mins ?
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    [Law] Penalties and keeping track of them

    The last few games Ive done , ive noticed that there are a lot of pens in the games. I struggle to keep track of them, ive tried ticking my scorecard but when there are a few quickly taken pens you may not get the chance to do this. The pens in question are spread out over the game and havent...
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    [Scrum] Scrum on the 22

    Blue have a defensive scrum on their 22m . They are inside the 22 for the purposes of a kick. If they get a slight nudge on but the scrum goes down (no offence, simple slip) and you reset it, do you reset it on the 22m line or where they ended up ie: just outside the 22 ?
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    Brought into touch game over ? France V Scotland

    In the French game, France kicked for touch with the clock in the red. Scottish player caught the ball before it had crossed the plane of touch with his feet on the line, therefore he had made the ball dead. Shouldnt that have been the end of the game ?
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    [Law] Injuries and "Injuries"

    Whats the accepted norm for stopping play ? Normally I will stop play or wont restart until a player can get to their feet, by and large it works well and id be consistent about it. When you get to the point of a team having "injuries" at virtually every break in play as they are hanging on to...
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    [Scrum] Replacement for front row

    Blue team submit a team sheet with 20 players listed. They list a replacement hooker no 16 (starts on the bench) and they list the replacement prop as no 2 (the starting hooker). If the hooker gets injured and goes off the blue team are no longer in a position to meet the criteria of having...
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    Primary duties

    I was AR in a game recently, a few levels above my reffing level. Red 14 had the ball inside the blue 22 and kicked ahead down the touchline, red 15 jumps to block the kick and deliberately IMO moves his body (leg) to impede Red 14 who goes to ground. I flag the incident and look back to...