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    [Law] Mark from a penalty

    I was wondering if the defending team can call a Mark if the attacking teams kick was from a penalty.
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    [Law] Penalty kicked over dead ball line

    Hi, Blue team awarded a penalty on Reds 10 metre line. Blue takes the penalty with gusto and it goes through Reds dead ball area and over the dead ball line. I awarded a 22 metre drop out, should it have been a scrum where the penalty was taken?
  3. J

    Charge down team player infront

    I had two charge downs at the weekend and not sure I got the calls right: 1 - Red kick down the park blue 15 picks up and kicks which is only partially charged down by red and still goes 25m. Retiring blue prop catches turns around and runs towards reds goal. I said nothing and he was soon...
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    penalty kick bounces before touch

    I have always given the kicking team the throw in even if the ball bounces before it goes into touch. I was questioned on this today. Am I right? I can't find a reference in the law book
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    Ball carrier collapsing maul

    Blue takes the ball into contact and is kept up and a maul created, I shout 'maul keep it up' I often hear blue team shout go to ground. This usually results in the ball carrier hanging on to the ball with legs trailing. If he's knee touches the ground I should 'release blue'. They usually...
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    Tackle or not?

    Red attacker with the ball is wrapped up by blue defender. Blue defender half rips the ball and in the process red goes to his knees but holds on to the ball I usually shout 'release' but often, red complains he was the ball carrier Am I right?
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    Player in front of kicker

    This weekend I had a Red team player a long way in front of the kicker (it was a return kick) He was jogging his way back to onside. The ball bounced about 15m in front of him and continued to bounce toward him. With his hands in the air he continued to jog back but the ball hit him and carried...
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    Kicking out of ruck

    Just wanted to check I have always penalised a player who kicked the ball out of a ruck, even if no one has their hands on it. Am I right? I can't find it in the laws
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    Kicking out of ruck

    I was watching a London 1 match yesterday and the referee penalised a player for kicking the ball towards his opponents goal line from within a ruck Can anyone tell me what law was broken by the payer doing this?
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    Number 8 Pickup with uncontested scrum

    I posted this in general and it seems I was wrong to say the number 8 cannot pick up Is it just an under 19s thing or have I got this wrong as well
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    No8 Pickup with uncontested scrum

    Just wanted to check I was right If the match has to go to uncontested scrums, only the acting scrum half can pick the ball up I had some complaints when I disallowed a No8 pickup and gave a FK
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    Let him up

    I know this must have been dealt with before but I can't find it Defender runs back and falls on the ball just kicked by attacking team, attacking team member catches defender on the floor, steps over him (defender is between his legs) and tries to pick the ball up. Defender tries to get up...