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    Smart ball at the 6N

    I wish they would switch off all animated advertising during the game, I find it a distraction -but then that is what it is designed for.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2022/23?

    Don't just tell them what you are penalising -tell them what you need them to do in future. e.g. "Tackler not rolling away -you have got to get clear much quicker than that"
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    Development Leagues

    I have asked a Coach if he would 'Like to sub a particular player before someone gets hurt and/or Red Carded' -he did.
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    law change thought

    Said it before;- ignore unintentional fumbles that give no clear advantage (They almost always provide a disadvantage to the fumbler's team)
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    I hope they soon noticed the difference.
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    Ball in touch and correct use of whistle

    You can't be wrong if you blow the whistle for touch. Then worry about the Quick Throw and deal with that separately.
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    Uini Antonio Banned

    My first thought on replay was "His right arm is down by his side so he can hit with a 'hard' shoulder" although his left arm did come round afterwards. The head movement looks bad enough for a 'head contact' but WB gave him benefit of the doubt. Yellow for either, or both.
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    Offside at scrum for scrum half of side not putting in

    Absolutely correct. And; Both the flanker and number 8 need to learn how to protect their scrum-half. Where to place their feet, where to place the ball. When to pick it up and pass to your scrum-half thereby taking out the oppo, 9 etc.
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    Calling for the ball from an opponent - TREDS?

    As an assessor, if a referee penalised a player under Law 9.27 'against the spirit of the game' I would find it difficult to criticise them. Equally, if they handled it with a 'get on with the game' type comment I would also find it difficult to criticise them. At my level I might expect a...
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    Where are you this weekend - 2022/23?

    Well done, that is the biggest hurdle out of the way.
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    Man off protocol

    If they did not 'Cause' the shortage, no man-off.
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    any thoughts on this passage of play?

    Momentum driven over I can live with, secondary shove by his team mates arriving after the going to ground = PK for not releasing
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    Man off protocol

    3.19 and 3.20 are compulsory man-off when a team 'caused' the lack of a front row player at the first time of asking (their Red or yellow card, no front row replacement). An injured player does not mean you play one short unless it is the first time of asking..
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    Organised MOA ?

    I'm not laughing
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    RFU Council approves lowering of the tackle height across community rugby in England from 2023/24

    If all players in a Ruck are supposed to stay on their feet, how can we have a ruck with everyone OFF their feet?
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    50:22 from a free kick

    Now all we have to do is work backwards into the laws to see if it is correct. Life seemed much simpler before they 'Simplified' the laws and added some of the Experimental Law Variations.
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    50:22 from a free kick

    No; I refer to "anything else not covered in law =scrum". Anything in goal can only be a 5m scrum. Only because it is not covered in the "simplification"
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    50:22 from a free kick

    Error on my part -looking at defending player, still trying to find Attacking player Laws
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    Werner Kok

    We had a similar scenario in a training video recently -I gave that a red card, I give this a red card. Contest your innocence at Disciplinary if you wish.
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    Mark from a fly hack?

    We all think like that.