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    Ball in touch and correct use of whistle

    Not usually, if it’s a real tight call and the AR flag goes up I will to stop play, but if it’s kicked and it’s definitely in touch I won’t. Everyone knows what happens when the ball goes out, no need to get on the whistle for it.
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    Charge down through in goal

    Where was the kick made from and charged down from? - passed back into in-goal and charged down in in-goal - 5m scrum - passed back into in-goal but charged down in the field of play - 22 - kicked from in the field of play and charged down then goes dead - 22 - kicked from in the field of play...
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    Charge down through in goal

    There are only 3 instances of GLDO, anything else is the same as it's always been. 1. Attacker held up in in-goal. 2. Grounded from a kick into in-goal. 3. A knock on in in-goal.
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    Lions Series Referees Announced
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    Thought this was going to be cut down on? What a joke from Pape.
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    Craig Joubert - Secret Jedi
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    Referees for June Tests

    Nige will become the world's most capped referee on 71 tests, overtaking Kaplan on 70. 29 May 2016 England vs Wales at Twickenham Referee: Marius Mitrea (Italy) Assistant referees: Johnny Lacey (Ireland), George Clancy (Ireland) 11 June 2016 Canada vs Japan in Vancouver Referee: Federico...
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    Super Rugby Referees and Law Variations Announced SANZAAR CEO Andy Marinos today confirmed that the Super Rugby referees, under the guidance of Game Manager Lyndon Bray, gathered in Sydney for their annual training camp while the Executive Committee had approved a...
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    RIP Jonah
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    Dylan "54 weeks" Hartley

    All of the indecretions of his career in a nice video. Ian I know how much you like Hartley, did you make it? :hap:
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    Sydney gets a leg The Australian Rugby Union today announced Sydney will be the home of the Australian leg of the Sevens World Series for the next four years from the 2015-16 season...
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    This needs to be stamped out

    So we had the dive from the French winger the other week, now we have had this from the Welsh 9.
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    Nike Illegal Studs

    Apparently the Nike studs, on these boots Type.Soft*Ground,page=all are illegal. The metal ones are too thin at the base. Some communication has come out from the IRFU about this.
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    Games over Christmas/New Year

    I don't know what the chances are but I am going to be travelling around the UK around Xmas time and are games running then? If they are what are the chances of getting an appointment? I will be travelling from Scotland down to London via Lancashire and Coventry between the 22/12 and the 1/1...
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    ITM 'tackle' Terrible technique here. Lucky to just get a YC IMO.
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    Australian Schools v NZ School Barbarians RC 2 minutes into a game and Australia get a RC for this tackle. Very good call by the referee IMO.
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    red card decision Canada v Scotland [MERGED]

    Re: Sinclair RC v Scotland No it's not. Watch it again, it's a piss poor tackling technique but the guy is using his arm as a 'lever' to push the player away just like he would when fending. Not even a PK let alone a card. Don't try to look for reasons to blow the whistle and bring attention...
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    If you want to be productive don't click on the link in this thread.
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    Pre-Season Training

    I would recommend a barbell lifting program to get faster, something like 'starting strength' or 'stronglifts' is a good place to start if you are a beginner. Also here are some sessions I got from my coach a couple of years go.