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    Was Lewis Robbed?

    Exactly this... Either you allow ALL the lapped cars to unlap themselves or NONE of them... which was the original call; until Whinger Spice seemed to get in on the act.
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    Wal v Aus: Coach Verbally Attacks Officials

    Just coming back to the page so a bit late to the party... This was so interesting over on social media, Facebook especially, lots of comments from South Africans about poor refereeing and Australians confirming that despite them being top level armchair refs, they knew the square root of jack...
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    Was Lewis Robbed?

    The trouble is that Michael Masi intially said no unlapping, and then changed it to only the cars between LH & MV just before the safety car comes in. Therein lies the problem(s). The confusing messages AND the fact that only the cars between the leading 2 were instructed to do so. Rule 39.12 -...
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    [Law] 4 Weeks... Harsh or seems about right?

    Will Spencer has been given 4 weeks for his red card on Saturday. To me it was a clear cut :norc:, but does the sanction match the offence?
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    [Tackle] Dangerous tackling

    Right, On the Rugby Banter page over on facebook this reared its ugly head... Now it has resulted in much discussion over "what was wrong with it", I will admit to getting my initial comment wrong in that it was a...
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    Touch flags

    I need some new flags... my beloved sprocker has raided the cupboard and chewed the handles and the flags themselves. NOW... I don't just want orange and red quarters. I would like something different. So 2 questions, what does everyone else have on their flags and where did they get them from...
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    Jumping the tackler

    I'm having a conversation/discussion on another website over this particular bit of video. The jump of the tackler occurs at about 10 seconds in. The ref awards the try and I am of the opinion that this was the correct decision. I'm now doubting that this was correct and would appreciate some...
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    Nigel Owens loss of form

    Is it just me or is that Nigel Owens 3rd poor game on the bounce. Yarde's YC was fully deserved but M'aa Nonu should have been on the sidelines for 10 minutes as well. also that mess at the 5m line should have seen another one on the side as well. Very poor IMO
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    Legal Advice

    Do we have any solicitors / Barristers on this site who would mind me picking their brains quickly?
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    Having come off a few pitches hobbling quite badly after coaching or refereeing I bit the bullet and went to see the wife at work (she's an A & E nurse) who got my foot x-rayed incase of a stress fracture. When the consultant reviewed it I was diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis. My question is...
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    Scrum put in not straight.

    When I received the e-mail about the new scrum engagement laws I noticed that part of it read "Referees will be enforcing a straight put in to the tunnel." My initial reaction to this was "Yeah... Right... I'll believe it when I see it". Fast forward to last weekend when I had the chance to...
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    Awarding a yellow for persistent offending

    Ok guys. First a bit of background. This is my first season refereeing in Junior Rugby, I also coach the U13's. I've been refereeing all the way through from U7 level though, usually with positive comments, sometimes with not so positive (depending on the club). In last weeks match the away...