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    RWC NZ vs Ireland.. henshaw's fluffed grounding.

    ...A case of too much advantage?
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    [Line out] Crusaders doing what they do best

    Saturday's variation from the Crusaders (forgive the stills) 5 & 7 (Whitelock and Todd) Stepped out , Whitelock even out of shot ready to drift back in. Hardly meets the definition of a peel as there was never an intention shown that either was going to continue moving or receive the ball...
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    [Line out] Crusaders doing what they do best

    Crusaders doing what they do best. Should it really be allowed? Lineout: Taufua goes forward and right Barrett heads off forward and right Blackadder fakes a jump and heads off forward and right All nicely in position for the catch and drive. And where's the ball? Still in Codie Taylor's...
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    [Line out] Leaving the Lineout?

    I see it most obviously when watching the Crusaders, as precursor to setting up the line out drive, but shouldn't this be considered leaving the lineout? It is neither changing position nor is it peeling. Stamping it out would certainly make for a more level playing field when trying to...
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    Ground against cormer flag

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    Reducing the tackle height. Discuss. Aviva Premiership statistic at odds with other tournament data?
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    Faking the lineout jump

    hopefully now. Yes he he took a jump of from 2 slightly towards the LoT into the space occupied by 17 and the ball was then thrown directly to him and off he went.
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    Faking the lineout jump

    One of my real bugbears at the lineout. The player takes the small jump forwards & towards the LOT, but not across it, the opposition number falls for it and follows the 17 who is legitimately changing his position (see it in the eyes) and the ball is then taken at the front with everyone else...
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    illegal binding

    been watching the GK championship game between Hartpury and Bristol. I am bemused by the failure to see but one successful completion of a scrum without Bristol being pinged for not being able to stay square. for those that will have been watching, I can see the Hartpury TH slipping his long...
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    [Law] More new Laws?

    A still I have cropped from the powerpoint. The text book application of the offside line being set. Ruck formed, referee sets the Offside line (by reference to something/somebody who knows what) and SH (rather than rucking players) coming in and doing a text book pick up and distribution...
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    Grappling for the ball before the maul is formed.

    Just trying to understand some of the subtleties for maul formation. stade francais ball carrier is goes into contact with Gloucester player who manages to grab onto the ball, rather than the player directly, to try and rip it. SF team mate then binds/tries to take out Gloucester player...
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    [Line out] Re: offside and preventing the quick throw - [a related question]

    Re: offside and preventing the quick throw - [a related question] I came across the above thread in the archives. Not looking to drag it up but can someone please point me in the direction of the current state of affairs on this. I can't seem to lay my hands on anything more recent to help me...
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    Referees eyeware

    I need to find out about what I can and cannot wear as regards correcting my vision. I am unable to wear contacts, so what is the guidance for refs on this? I am thinking I have never seen a ref wearing either specs or anything else? But then I have never really been looking.
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    [Maul] Does breakaway end the maul?

    To set the context ............. which effectively came into that thread arising from this incident from this not being even considered as a possible infringement prior to a try being awarded. A splinter from the original maul with W7 in front of his ball carrier just before r9 tries make...
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    [Maul] Not sure what to call this to be honest

    If you then consider a second maul, i.e. 7W bound onto his own player and 9R attacking the bc then and go back to the IRB MWG ( I'm am doing my best here remember and this was the closest I could get!): This is observably a splinter from the first maul. Blue, out of easy view, has literally...
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    Grounded Not grounded?

    Today; Crusaders vs Western Force and the Crusaders try 26 minutes in (perhaps someone can help with access to the clip?) Grounded/Not grounded by the Force - seems to be getting a few people a bit hot under the collar! I was watching the game and I know my view but thought I would throw it...
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    [6N] Ireland v England

    He ....just about summarises the situation at the point tackle complete. NH relatively static but in contact with JL as he goes down so already in the tackle area and his hind foot in between JL's outstretched legs. Far side MV playing the man without the ball as has been suggested elsewhere.
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    [6N] Ireland v England

    The "microscope" has a frame with G5 with his foot hooked around NH's ankle!