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  1. L'irlandais

    Elections à la FFR : GRILL dévoile son équipe pour defier LAPORTE

    L’opposant au président sortant de la Fédération française a officialisé les 38 noms qui composent la liste : Ovale Ensemble. :france: Composition d'équipe. Sept anciens internationaux, dont trois ex-capitaines et un devenu ensuite sélectionneur du XV de France, figurent dans la liste...
  2. L'irlandais

    [CLUB RUGBY] United Arab Emirates Billionaire to buy French club

    Breaking news, well almost. (The article is actually over two weeks old and the imminent signing of contracts still hasn’t taken place.) A billionaire takeover of Béziers would see them become the first European club to have a majority share outside of Europe. ...French Rugby Federation of...
  3. L'irlandais

    the Chiefs

    Due to most available volunteers possessing beer bellies ? Difficulty in dissimilating a beer belly in such an outfit. Whereas the Harvey outfit has no such problem with tight fitting belts.
  4. L'irlandais

    the Chiefs

    It’s difficult for a club like Exeter to change their name again. Their brand will suffer from it. Professional Rugby franchises are businesses. And the hard reality is that professional rugby is a business with pretty small margins. The difference between breaking even and a making a loss...
  5. L'irlandais

    Crowds to return for opening round of Super Rugby Aotearoa

    :nz: It means Super Rugby Aotearoa will become the first professional rugby competition in the world to have fans return live and en masse. "We're incredibly proud, and grateful, to be the first professional sports competition in the world to be in a position to have our teams play in front of...
  6. L'irlandais

    [Law] World Rugby approves law trials to reduce coronavirus risk

    World Rugby expect the trials to apply more to the community game than the elite end, where testing is likely to be more widespread, although the introduction of an "orange card" is specific to the professional game. Source: for further details of proposed trial Among the law trials...
  7. L'irlandais

    [Law] World Rugby announces law amendment relating to scoring against the post protector

    The amended law will now read: The post protector is no longer an extension of the goal-line and therefore Law 8.2 (a) will read: A try is scored when the attacking player is first to ground the ball in the opponents’ in-goal. By stipulating that an attacking team can no longer score against...
  8. L'irlandais

    NZ to resume Super Rugby

    Word has it, New Zealand’s Super Rugby mini-series will begin on 13 June.
  9. L'irlandais

    [Law] SA v B&I Lions 1st Test-Monye "try" over ruled - what should have been the decision?

    Re: SA v B&I Lions 1st Test-Monye "try" over ruled - what should have been the decisi Lions winger Ugo Monye dives for the line but the try was not given as Jean de Villiers (#12) puts his arm underneath to stop the ball being grounded during the first test match between South African...
  10. L'irlandais

    Mornington москва

    :redface: Oh, bugger! Me and my schoolboy french, there seems to have been a mix up with these tickets. Anyone here know what Моско́вский метрополите́н means? This doesn’t look like London? :shrug: Where the @%#! are we?
  11. L'irlandais

    Mornington Croissant

    Bonjour tout le monde. Click the "Red Button" to reveal the unpleasant truth, only click the "Blue Button" if you wish to remain in blissful ignorance. :knuppel2: If you choose the red route to get here, the unpleasant truth is you now have to contribute to the discussion. Before any further...
  12. L'irlandais

    Mornington SMS

    Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Third time must be considered enemy action. :shrug:You know the drill by now, down the rabbit hole. Click the "Red Button" to reveal the unpleasant truth, or click the "Blue One" and remain in blissful ignorance.
  13. L'irlandais

    [Golden Oldies] Mornington Sevens

    Looks like we are fresh out of Red buttons. That's a bit awkard. If you choose the red route to get here, the unpleasant truth is you now have to contribute to the discussion. Before any further choice on your part. See post #2 for details: That leaves us with no choice but to click on...
  14. L'irlandais

    Munster vs Southern Kings 14 February 2020. - Yellow card

    I believe it is Georgian referee Nika Amashukeli’s first season in the Pro 14. Friday night lights in Cork city, with a handy sized crowd of home supporters. Having emptied their sub bench 7 minutes earlier, Red are penalised at the scrum. The players retreat, only for handbags to break out...
  15. L'irlandais

    Six Nations 2020

    By all accounts the Six Nations has gotten off to a good start. Well apart from Italy who were kept scoreless.
  16. L'irlandais

    [CLUB RUGBY] Heineken Champions Cup quarter-final line-up:

    At least one English team (QF4) and one French team (QF2) will be eliminated at the next hurdle. Leinster v Saracens (QF1) ASM Clermont Auvergne v Racing 92 (QF2) Toulouse v Ulster (QF3) Exeter v Northampton (QF4)
  17. L'irlandais

    [CLUB RUGBY] Saracens breaching salary cap, yet again.

    Saracens face Premiership relegation if found to have breached salary cap again The defending champions received a 35-point deduction and a £5.3m fine in November, having broken the cap for the past three seasons. However, there is widespread belief they will once more struggle to get under the...
  18. L'irlandais

    [Line out] Saracens vs Munster European Rugby Champions Cup

    Sideline scuffle, as hooker loses his calm with opposition medic. To be honest, I am far more interested in what we think about the French referee’s use of the whistle and decision to penalize Black 10 for getting involved. In some respects it was all a thing of nothing. Further details...
  19. L'irlandais

    [Law] Folau’s online comments have taken a turn for the worse.

    APF article carried by a.n. Other online site SYDNEY (AFP) - Sacked Wallabies rugby star Israel Folau Monday (Nov 18) sparked outrage by suggesting destructive bushfires and drought ravaging Australia were "God's judgement" for the legalisation of same-sex marriage and abortion. The devout...
  20. L'irlandais

    [Line out] Pro14 Munster versus Ulster

    After five minutes of play Ulster's line-speed making it hard for Munster to spread the ball wide. Luke Marshall steps in and makes an interception and then Cooney swiftly kicks - he's in Faf de Klerk mood - behind the Munster winger. However, he misjudges and the ball finds touch on the full...