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    Missing studs, do you care?

    I still have the scars
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    That's the way our club organised things if the captain was the full back or wing. We used "captain" and "pack leader". The pack leader made quick decisions, tap and go posts or kick for touch. But all else went through the captain. It never caused a problem and was efficient.
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    Latcher foot in touch

    Player with ball in hand charges the goal line from a few metres out, a second player latches on to drive the ball carrier over the line. But the latcher puts a foot in touch. It's not a maul as no opposition player makes contact. I have no idea what the decision should be so I'm asking the...
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    Charge down puts oppo on side

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    Where are you this weekend - 2022/23?

    One of my playing memories, we were playing a friendly against the Fire Brigade who turned up a man short. So I played for them. By half time Trumpton had found some more players but we had lost several players due to injuries (or hangovers) so I played the second half for my club. Full of the...
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    law change thought

    A pushover try is a thing of great beauty.
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    Women or Ladies

    I can never understand why some people get upset about a particular word. But as a small boy I was traumatised by my Grandmother's reaction to being called a woman. The shop assistant who committed this act of aggression probably still has nightmares.
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    court case

    IMHO paragraph 20 is Judge code for "I'm ignoring the comments on the match referee." Probably he is keeping clear of it in case of further legal action.
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    court case

    Very likely. I have to be careful, my experience is in a very narrow field (vehicle related defects leading or not to a serious accident) But I am certain that preparation is the key. If you are to be an expert witness get good legal advice and if they don't want to rehearse you, beware!
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    court case

    Oh yes of course. But why? Was his written evidence correct and easily defended or was he better prepared by his side (ie trained as our people are) The problem with written evidence is; if it is not contested it may be read out in court by the clerk and you don't have to attend, or, the other...
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    court case

    I assist our barrister to train our people to give evidence in courts and public inquiries. Written evidence can be very dangerous to the author. The other sides in the case may have months to examine that evidence and prepare traps for the unwary "expert witness" before ripping them to shreds...
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    court case

    Indeed I agree with you and I just add Spreadbury to the list of victims in this sad saga. He would have had a very unpleasant time in court. Hopefully no longer than one day.
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    court case

    Sorry, there was no intention to contradict you. My hope is for a disabled lady to get a decent pay out from an insurance company. But my expectation is that the insurance company will win.
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    court case

    An insurance company may have an agenda outside of this particular case. It may be that they are liable for some of the brain injury cases in Rugby. In that case they may throw millions at this case with the most expensive lawyers they can buy. They may want to keep future judgements against...
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    court case

    Another regular quote from our barrister is" We don't have a system of justice, we have a system of law." This case is in effect a person in a wheelchair against an insurance company. The cynic in me expects one result, but I hope to be proven wrong.
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    court case

    I spoke (briefly) to the barrister we use at work. He says the case will revolve around both the laws of the land and the laws of Rugby. He also uses the phrase "reasonable person" This phrase pops up a lot in law. Basically its about what a "reasonable person" in this case a player would...
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    Calling for the ball from an opponent - TREDS?

    I was conned like this many years ago, I was playing for the opposition and one of my team called for the ball. guess who got dick of the day?
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    any thoughts on this passage of play?

    The authorities said they wanted to speed up the game. Etzebeth did just that. Good for him. :love:
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    Marler Two Week Ban

    Are there two separate problems here? 1 There is no place for that kind of comment on a Rugby pitch. We expect players to show respect, to the Ref and other players. 2 Mental health. In a normal say customer facing job, would this be acceptable? No. So what happens here? Sick leave possibly? So...
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    Lineout 5m from goal line

    I was tongue in cheek satirising the 2nd best sport in the world, in a clumsy attempt to demonstrate why in IMHO Union is superior.