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    Currie Cup TMO Trial 2012

    Couple of relatively new articles on SARefs, thought I'd post them here for some discussion. I'm assuming that the TMO trial is to go ahead in this year's Currie Cup, with the following protocol being relevant. Laws...
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    Poor choice of camera angle but the ball just sneaks inside the upright (would have been surprised if the AR's had got that one wrong)
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    Stuart Dickinson

    The announcement may have slipped under the radar due to the World Cup, but yesterday Stuart Dickinson announced his immediate retirement from all forms of rugby. May not have been my favourite referee, but good...
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    Six Nations referees

    Round 1 Wales vs England Referee: Alain Rolland Assistant referees: Alan Lewis, Simon McDowell Television match official: Jim Yuille Italy vs Ireland Referee: Romain Poite Assistant referees: Jérôme Garces, David Changleng Television match official: Geoff Warren France vs Scotland Referee...
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    Scrum sequence change coming?

    Looks like the IRB have realised that scrums have become too messy and take too long in the game now. Re: Scrumming mess. Has the notion of eliminating the 'hit' part of the scrum engagement been dismissed? It seems to me that slightly...
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    Newcastle's illegal substitution?

    Sorry if this has been asked or answered elsewhere,or if it sounds stupid, but I've only just caught up with the weekend's Aviva Premiership action. Was the substitution that Newcastle made in the front-row illegal? The situation: Newcastle substitute their Loosehead prop (Kieran Brookes)...