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    Latcher foot in touch

    Imagine the scenario. 5m attacking lineout to blue, last play of the game, losing by 4. They catch and form a contested maul. Defenders push half the maul into touch as it trundles to the try line. The maul goes over the corner flag as the maul goes over the line. At no point does the ball...
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    tackle height, no dipping and pick and go.

    As I understand it they are going to distinguish between “open play” and “other play” (or some other term). Pick and goes from the base of a ruck, scrum etc would be deemed other play )as would mauls etc). The below waist law would only apply to open play. Current law to other play. This if you...
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    50:22 from a free kick

    Blue fly half on red’s 10m line, attempts cross field kick and red winger catches it in his 22 and calls a mark. He then taps it and kicks it indirectly into touch in blues 22. Is it a 50:22?
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    Reckless Endangerment

    The modification you need if the kicking team cannot compete in the air for the ball. The defending team can, thereby preventing them being lined up for a hospital tackle. But if you kick it, you must stay on the ground. Solves all problems.
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    U14 numbers

    Hi, Been some confusion on games I have been involved with between clubs so seeking confirmation from this group please. The u14 laws state “the game is played between sides of equal numbers not exceeding 15”. This obviously doesn’t apply to yellow card situations which is 5 mins. Does it...
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    Line out maul

    What am I missing? Line out to blue. Red don’t engage. Blue bring the ball down and form their mail. This would happen immediately. Ball at the front. Under the new one person latched law, I assume they must either delatch to one person prior to a tackler engaging or run the risk of being...
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    New law signals

    Anyone know what the signals are for the new laws? Ie clear out on legs etc
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    [Law] Dropping out of the line

    Is it just me do refs not ping this any more?
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    Obviously we missed all of last year so have moved straight from u12 to u14 without playing any games. In order to prepare for next season in the hope we will be playing more normally, for u14 what is the process for line outs in England. Do the side throwing in have to win it? What is meant by...
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    Covid-19 Returning to play in Sept?

    I am becoming increasingly concerned that amateur rugby will not be possible next season. I just can’t see what will change between now and May next year that will mean scrums, mauls etc are safe. Being overweight is apparently a major contributor in complications for this virus, so putting...
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    Law 15.7 binding onto player in the ruck

    Some of the videos in the rugby laws app are baffling to me. Look at this one. White 18 gets pinged for playing the ball, just before yellow 9 does the same. Apparently this is an example of him not binding. Is he supposed to bind onto yellow 9 or will he then get pinged for playing the 9. There...
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    [Law] Penalty here or scrum there!

    What do you think the point of the scrum option is and have you ever had someone take? Do you even offer it ? Why don’t they just drop it?
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    [Maul] U11 maul

    I note the laws say the ball should be made available within 5 seconds of a maul being formed. Can I confirm therefore that this ‘use it’ requirement is in place even if the mail is moving forward? There is no reference in Appendix 5 to forward movement of a maul.
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    Shoulder padding

    Is there advice, guidance, protocol around when kids can where shoulder padding?
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    [Mini/Midi] U9 tackle

    Re the U9's tackle: Any contact below the arm pits of the ball carrier which results in a grip by the opponent of the ball carrier. Where the ball carrier remains on their feet the referee must call “TACKLE” (allow approx 3 secs to establish whether ball carrier held). Where ball carrier is...
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    Shoving into touch

    I heard today that shoving a player (with the ball) into touch instead of tackling him into touch should be a penalty (not using arms). Would you agree?
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    New penalty positioning

    Here you go : - - - Updated - - - Page 6. It says World rugby and makes no mention of trials.
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    New penalty positioning

    Hi, What is your take on the new positioning of penalties for foul play ? i.e. in 15m's. Given the size of some local park pitches, this is almost in line with the posts and a huge advantage if the previous penalty would have been on the 5m touch line. Surely this means that kicking for goal...
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    [Law] Pre binding

    You will often see a front row forward receiving the ball off a ruck and trundle forward a few yards before being tackled. Close to the line, you often see someone pre bind to him to help his momentum. Two on one. When does this scenario become dangerous such that you would blow up ? three...
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    Non contest linout - tackling the ball carrier

    After one view what would you have given ? I assume we'll see more of this at the world cup and as a result probably more in club rugby next season. Better get my head round all the permutations ? Defending player gets his timing wrong - 5m's out - yellow car if maul beautifully formed ...