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  1. ianh5979

    Crooked Feed!!!!

    Does anyone think the tight head should have been penalised first for forcing the loose heads elbow down so low that he actually blocked the tunnel so the SH couldn't put the ball in straight.
  2. ianh5979

    Maul - BC Knees Go to Ground

    I would agree with you, if he flopped on the player penalty against him, if he had already wrapped the ball carrier up and went to ground with him unsuccessful maul, scrum turnover
  3. ianh5979

    [Law] Ball hits the spider cam

    far too sensible!!
  4. ianh5979

    How do we report spam?

    Can see the button in your post Dave. Is it spam!! can I report it!!
  5. ianh5979

    50:22 from a free kick

    I cant see any mark being taken as a place kick, but if they take a place kick from any free kick, if the ball bounces into touch as a 50:22 has to, I would allow it
  6. ianh5979

    50:22 from a free kick

  7. ianh5979

    Where are you this weekend - 2022/23?

    I once did do that, told captains that appeals etc were too much as I was trying to play advantage, so for next 5 minutes I would blow immediately for any offense, after 5 minutes another chat with captains asking how they liked the new wat it was refereed. They agreed to shut down all chat as...
  8. ianh5979

    Charge down, teammate in front picks up ball and runs

    Blue player is offside under 10 metre law and has to retreat until put onside by an onside team mate
  9. ianh5979

    Quick Line-out question

    You are correct, a quick throw has to be taken on the line of touch or behind it
  10. ianh5979

    Quick tap, defenders have not retreated 10m.

    Normally a referee will walk at a reasonable pace and the team can only take the new penalty once the referee has made a mark at the site of the new penalty. ( which is where the myth of can't take a quick tap a second time comes from)
  11. ianh5979

    Should Refs Only Wear Black Shorts?

    If all they have to complain about is the colour of your shorts that's a good assessment?
  12. ianh5979

    5m scrum,22 Drop out and who's scrum.

    Attacking scrum (red) as the ball was taken back into in goal by defenders, even if GLD was in use its still a scrum.
  13. ianh5979

    Kicking the ball in the scrum

    Used to do this myself, either try to get a rebound to win the ball or send it out channel 1 on their side where my SH knew it could be coming
  14. ianh5979

    Lots going on

    For me yellow to blue player, and red to red 9, deal with red 1st as more serious and showing you have seen it to ease tension on foul play, explaining to captain then deal with cynical killing ball in red zone
  15. ianh5979

    Quick tap Pen/FK

    If red run into blue player even if they are not 10 shout "play on", no attempt to tackle they are just trying to buy another penalty.
  16. ianh5979

    Sanction for lineout throw not going 5m?

    The throw would have gone 5 metres, but was stopped from doing so by a players action taking it before it had travelled that distance so FK is correct
  17. ianh5979

    Period of Advantage

    on a scrum advantage for me yes to both
  18. ianh5979

    Foul Play and replacements...

    yes unless he is going to receive a red card in which case no substitution
  19. ianh5979

    Scrum advantage before 80:00

    At least at my level no-one else will know the exact time, so they can't argue the decision
  20. ianh5979

    Quickly taken lineout

    Interesting one in my game today, Ball kicked into touch by black, hits a spectator and bounces back to blue player, who moved to correct line of touch and threw the ball in (straight ) to a team mate, black complained because it hit a spectator so blue couldn't take a quick throw. I was happy...