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    [Law] I need your video clips!

    Hi all, I have been asked by my society to assist a more experienced referee in presenting a Learning and Development zoom/skype meeting on the the topic of Empathy. I don't have many/any video clips of myself so I am looking for any clips showing a referee not blowing the whistle in a...
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    [Law] Quick tap penalty

    Blue player takes penalty quickly. Pink player (at a breakdown and inline with the mark) follows the ball carrier and ensures that the ball carrier travels 10 meters and then tackles the ball carrier. Law 20. .Even if the penalty or free-kick is taken quickly and the kicker’s team is playing...
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    [Law] Knock on into the dead ball area.

    I was watching a game today, if the attacking team knock the ball on into the dead ball area, defensive team then touch it down, would you give the option of the knock on or 22? I have been giving this option but then I saw a game today in The Champ Cup and the option wasn't given.
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    [Law] Kick near goal line, charged down.

    Does a charge down count as 'playing the ball'? 1, If red kick ball near their own try line, blue charge down, ball goes into goal from charge down, red touch down. Is it scrum 5 or 22? 2, Same as above.... but red kick from within their own in goal. Does this , make a difference? I know...
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    [Line out] Maul. Unintentional split away.

    I'm in my 1st season as a full time ref, having retired from playing last year. I have just been thinking about my game on Saturday. There were quite a few mauls especially from the lineout. Can you help me with the following? . maul formed from lineout. . maul drives forward. . mechanics of...