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    Smashing them back

    The Labour leadership challenger was today in trouble for using the phrase "smashing them back on their heels". It was suggested this was a indication of violence, domestic or otherwise. One of the defenses offered was that he was Welsh and that this was a well know rugby term. I can't say I...
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    Throwing sand

    Illegal, unsporting (which can be illegal in itself) or just gamesmanship?
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    Anthony Watson RC

    He altered his run to collide with Watson.
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    No tackling in Schools.....really?
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    Sportsperson of the Decade

    Nigel Owens named sportsperson of the decade at the Stonewall Awards. How's that for raising the profile of refs?
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    22/25 Yard line

    Probably one for OB. When I was a lad it was called the 25 yd line, then with the metric system it became the 22 metre line. 25 yards is 22.86 metres - why isn't it the 23 metre line. Pitches must be slight smaller than previously
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    Thank God this isn't Soccer

    I may have missed the discussion on this but to paraphrase Nigel Owens "Thank God this isn't Soccer"
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    Malicious URL

    Avast has started claiming a "threat has been detected" every time I navigate to I know there are a lot of Aussies on here but is that enough to warrant the status of "Malicious URL". Anybody else getting this?
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    Darlington Grammers School OBs

    Do any northern boys have any contacts at Mowden Park. I notice they have just bought the Darlington Arena (Capacity 25 000) which should just about be big enough for Nat league 2 North crowds. Are they planning/hoping to to expand to play with the big boys or was the prospect of a relatively...
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    League disparity

    Following Newcastle Falcons win yesterday, making it 5 bonus point wins out of 6 games with only Cornish Pirates holding them to 3 tries whilst losing 25-3, a newspaper stated that "Such is the disparity in standard between Newcastle and the chasing pack that results are becoming a formality"...
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    Fifteen month and counting

    With the completion of the 6 nations and the next Lions tour about 15 months away who has either raised their hands to the selectors saying "Keep an eye on me over the next year" or for the more established players saying "Don't forget about me". The list below is a selection of the players...
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    6N Predictions Week 5

    WEEK 5 England v Ireland Wales v France Italy v Scotland
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    6 Nations Week 4 Predictions

    If it were within my gift I would award bonus points to scarletjack who called both Wales/Italy and France/England spot on this weekend. Hope you had money on it.
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    Every Picture

    What does this picture tell you about the modern game?
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    6 Nations Week 4 Predictions

    Don't wish to be seen to be taking over but I may not be able to get back to the PC before Saturday WALES v ITALY IRELAND v SCOTLAND FRANCE v ENGLAND Wales by 25 Ireland by 16 England by 5
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    6 Nations Week 3 Predictions

    My version of the scores after France v Ireland Only Davet called it as a draw
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    Is Pichero the best/only place for results and table for lower level rugby. I went to watch a North 1 East game yesterday and was browsing the table and results after and realised that I didn't know who was in the leagues below. A lot of it seems to be available on Pitchero but this seems to be...
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    6 Nations Week 3 Predictions

    Having more time on my hands than I know what to do with, having read how busy Mr Burns is and fancying my chances if Toby Warren is hit by a bus I did a quick tally. We shall wait for the official score but this is my version. I've only included those who predicted all three weeks.
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    Brian Moore

    Did Brian Moore really say "Why don't referees and ARs do anything about props binding on the arm. It's because the don't look and they don't care" A fair assessment?
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    Unless I missed it and apart from the discussion in the de Luca thread, I haven't seen any comment about todays game. I thought it was enjoyable although not quite as high quality as the Ireland game last week. I don't know if Wales were off the boil but their backs didn't seem as incisive or...