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    Final predictions?

    ENG: SA - Owens, Garces, Poite, Skeen WAL: NZ - Barnes, Peyper, Gardner, Jonker
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    RWC QF predictions

    For what it's worth - I think these will be the four main referees for the knockout stages and then they'll choose SF/final referees from that quartet, depending on teams knocked out and referee performances in QFs. ENG: AUS R: Peyper TJs: Williams, O’Keeffe TMO: Jonker NZL:IRE R: Owens...
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    English refs on world stage

    I was wondering why JP Doyle hasn't had an international game for a long time? Noticed he rarely gets international middles anymore when I thought he had a very good WC in 2015 and gets good appointments in European club competitions.
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    Thought he was unusually poor- looked a bit like a rabbit in the headlights. Would feel very unhappy if I was French, a few high tackles missed and some rather inconsistent breakdown interpretation- turned into a bit of a free for all at some points.
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    SF appointments

    Now we know SF line-ups, predictions? Ireland- France: Barnes Aus- NZ: Rolland Final: Joubert 3rd: Poite or Pearson
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    Thought Clancy was poor. Missed a few infringements in the run up to scores and seemed to be frequently getting in the way as well! T
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    Thoughts on refs so far

    Having seen nearly all of the games now, I think some are breaking away from the pack. Would probably group them as: Owens/ Rolland/ Poite (all been excellent so far) Barnes/Pearson/Kaplan/Joubert (very good and generally competent with no 'howlers' but one or two mistakes. Barnes in...
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    TMO Nationality

    I understand that they only have a pool of four TMOs for this tournament (with Tim Hayes helping our during busy periods) but surely they could have avoided having an Italian TMO for the Italy-Australia game? Imagine if it had come down to a match-deciding TMO call in the last minute?! Not...