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    Nigel Owens - Diolch yn fawr iawn (Thank you very much)

    I have looked through the forum threads and not a mention of for many the greatest referee's (to date) retirement from International Rugby. Below are 15 of his classics. My English wife said a very sad...
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    Thank God! At last Nigel Owens enforces (Caterpillar) Law - Use it Well done Nigel for enforcing the law having called "Use It" and then called a scrum. :clap::clap::clap: Hopefully others will follow and we will get a quicker game. What do you thing?
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    Barnes RFC Big Lift for NHS

    To all rugby referees and valued contributors to this gr8 site through these challenging times. If you have a space in your diary on Saturday 2nd May please join me in the Barnes Big Lift in support of the NHS and Barnow family member Gary Garett who was sadly taken from us by this killer...
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    England Rugby Final League Positions 2019/20

    RFU level 3 - 4 and Community Final positions decided - looks a fair solution
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    Coronavirus Impact

    Day 8 (hopefully of 14) and son has been up for 4 nights in row “sweating buckets” and feeling worse . He is now having regular coughing bouts and bringing up blood. Wife contacted Consultant niece who advised “blood is a result of irritation from coughing but should get breathing checked...
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    Scrum Law 19.28 - scrum half position - your advice please

    On Saturday our scrum half was penalised when we were in possession and attacking towards end of first half. Referee signalled backchat and I thought fair enough I have warned players that RFU want referees to clamp down on this especially appealing for holding on and you have not listened...
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    RFU Regulation 15 - 8 MAUL - Use it or Lose it - 5,4,3,2,1.

    I refereed Hampshire u14 cup game for my club on Sunday so downloaded and read RFU REGULATION 15 – AGE GRADE RUGBY (APPENDIX 8) 3 Effective from 1 August 2019 I noticed change in variation to previous season with 8. The Tackle, Maul and Ruck: d) When a maul is formed and forward momentum is...
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    My local club under 13 coaches asked me to referee a game with team from Reading Abbey as part of their player development i.e. they wanted players ( from both teams) to experience a Society referee who was not their Dad who was a club coach/ referee. The last time I refereed this age group was...
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    Peter Cunninham - HRURS & RNURS - A Gentleman - RIP

    It is our sad duty to advise you all that Peter Cunningham passed away on Thursday 20th December. Peter was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and after ten days in hospital recently had been moved to a nursing home. Peter played for US Portsmouth in the late sixties and seventies and was...
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    Conversion - Yes or No?

    I am posting this here as it could happen in senior as well as junior rugby i.e. with club TJ's. Club referee of Under 15 league match with club TJ's. Blue score try with last play. Score 14 - 14 with conversion from 5 metre line on 22 to win match. Referee stands next to kicker and at point...
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    Wales vs Scotland - TMO any reason I cannot award a try?

    Great finish by Steff Evans and referee asks TMO any reason I cannot award try? My wife called forward pass ref! (from Hadleigh Parkes). How far can/ should a TMO go back in his/ her review?
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    Hand off - excessive force?

    2018 - World Rugby A ball-carrier is permitted to hand off an opponent provided excessive force is not used. Sanction: Penalty. There has been another thread under Law Changes but coming up as database corrupt? I was at the Blackheath verses Coventry game (RFU National One - Ref and 2 AR's)...
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    Referee positioning - Try no Try?

    Watched a local L6 London South 1 Game yesterday and thought of my SADO Jim Firth whose died recently, a great man. Jim instilled in us that when there is a 5 metre line out (and no independent AR's) to position ourselves in 5 metre box so that play comes towards us. Situation - Blues...
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    Where should kick be taken after a mark?

    In yesterday's game red 9 put in a lovely box kick into opponents 22. Black 15 covers across and calls mark and runs into touch. AR gave throw in to red as he felt Black 15 had one foot in touch and one in field when he caught the ball. Referee adjudged that Black 15 had called mark before...
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    Law 20 Striking after the throw-in.

    Once the ball touches the ground in the tunnel, any front row player may use either foot to try to win possession of the ball. One player from the team who put the ball in must strike for the ball. I read the above law change and smiled, thinking about the many times we (front row) took the...
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    Successful Hip Replacement

    Didds, wow 30 years in front row :clap: no wonder you had a dodgy hip! Thankfully medical science has advanced so much in 10 years. Consultant said it would take 6 - 8 months for my uncemented ceramic hip to bed in properly and not to overdo the running and refereeing.
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    Successful Hip Replacement

    In 2011 (after reaching my goal of L6) I started suffering with back problems a couple of days after refereeing. GP sent me for Xray which showed I had advanced osteo arthritis in my right hip. GP told me to stop running on treadmill, roads and eventually in 2014 told me to stop refereeing...
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    BCM666 suffers Heart Attack - Brian wishing you a speedy recovery
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    Scrum turnover

    I have not refereed for a couple of seasons so not up to speed on turnover ruling at scrums. Watched a British & Irish Cup match on weekend and neither hookers struck for ball both packs relied on pushing over when ball put into scrum. The result was several long scrums before ball reached...
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    What decision would you have made - Hurricanes vs Chiefs

    Guys, I have not officiated for over 2 years but when i did at grassroots level man on the floor was out of the game. Enjoyed above game but at 78th minute chiefs scrum half made break and scored try:clap: Hurricanes appealed for knock on so Glen Campbell (former Saracens 10) went to TMO...