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    Sweet Bro

    From USA vs NZ ft. Craig Joubert. Is this approved IRB communication? ;)
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    AR's getting harsher?

    I've noticed this (super XV) season the AR's are being much less generous with their judgement of territory gained from kicks into touch. Out of interest has anyone else noticed this? Do you think they have been given a directive? Every week kickers are giving the AR's dirty looks, at a...
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    Non immediate tackler turnovers

    There was one penalty against James Howill in the Wallabies game last week. He made a tackle, went to ground, an attacker then arrived at the tackle area stepping over Horwill. At this point Howill got to his feet and played the ball. Barnes penalized him and said it was a "timing issue", or...
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    TMO Guessing on Forward Passes

    Here's a good one from the Reds game. Quade throws the ball behind him and gets called for a forward pass. The only camera angle that suggests a forward pass is one on a pretty bad angle. I know not everyone will agree, but IMO this is equivalent to throwing the ball over your own head...
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    Clarification 1 2012

    I thought this one was interesting. So the definition of "not carrying the ball" they use implicitly implies that the ball must be on the ground before any player applies pressure. It is counter intuitive and not the way I used to...
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    I know it seems like fun to correct everyone who refers to rugby's "laws" as "rules". But can we all just chill out a little when it comes to this? There is nothing more annoying than when someone; either in a general discussion about refereeing, or in the middle of a referee's meeting is...
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    I've got a few questions about stuff that's been happening in my games recently. 1) Regarding the 10m law. Do all players within the 10m have to retire to the 10m line immediately (or behind the kicker if that is closer) ? I've had players waiting inside the 10 remaining still waiting to be put...
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    Scrum wheel/full time

    I haven't seen the replay yet, but I'm fairly certain in the Force v Tahs game last night Glen Jackson awarded a scrum turnover after the siren. Did anyone else see this? I remember earlier in the season Peyper ended a Crusaders (vs Highlanders??) game in the exact same circumstance. Sorry for...
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    Agen vs Toulouse

    Did anyone watch this game? If you haven't, see this video. Toulouse got a free kick in the 81st minute and took a scrum, I've never seen this before. So my question is, can you take the scrum option on the last play? I couldn't understand how to interpret the law: (5.7 *e*)