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  1. scrumpox2

    RWC 2015 - Wales home advantage

    The Millennium Stadium is one of the venues for RWC 2015 to host several pool games and 2 of the quarter finals. It is commercially obvious that Wales would play their group games at home. With stock in Welsh rugby rising, and the possibility of Wales occupying a top 4 position in the IRB...
  2. scrumpox2

    7's or 10's 2-man line out

    I need to check a couple of assumptions please, grateful for any advice. 10's tourney under IRB U19 variations. Team throwing in calls a 2-man line. 1. Player in the receiving position can enter the line and be lifted by the 2 men in the line. Catcher throws the ball down to hooker who has by...
  3. scrumpox2

    Halfback kicks ball into the ruck, players on ground

    One of my pet annoyances witnessed at the base of a slow ruck, scrum half thinks the ball may come out so deliberately kicks the ball into the ruck, buying himself time. Accidentally offside?
  4. scrumpox2

    PK to touch knocks retreating player senseless!

    First time I'd seen this was at the WRWC, England v Ireland. White is awarded a penalty and kick the ball towards the touchline only for it to smack into the head of an Irish player still retreating back and she was floored. The ball bounces back into play. Play was stopped, Irish player...
  5. scrumpox2

    category under nick

    Robert, For some reason my category has been changed from Club Coach to Rugby Club Member - does someone do this on a whim? As I'm a club secretary, society ref, Level 2 coach, Welsh rugby fan and parent of a junior, could I please have the title "Rugby Widowmaker" ... am sure my wife would...
  6. scrumpox2

    SANZAR ruck and scrum review How do you spell "hallelujah"?
  7. scrumpox2

    how to function in the wet

    Biggest problem I have as coach or ref is keeping paperwork dry ... I have one of those "waterproof" A4 weatherwriters when coaching and they're excellent but when reffing in the rain, keeping scorecards dry enough to keep updating is an issue. What's the secret? Any tips?
  8. scrumpox2

    Is bridging legal and safe?

    I'd like to hear views on whether bridging is legal and safe in Junior rugby (U13-U16.) To clarify what I mean:- Tackled player, having gone to ground places the ball. First supporting player stays on his feet, leans over the ball and grabs the shirt of the tackled player, the ball is then...
  9. scrumpox2

    Lifting prohibited

    5.6 Law 19 Line-Out 5.6.3 The line-out extends from 5 metres from touch to 15 metres in-field and parallel with the touchline. Lifting/supporting is prohibited at this age group, i.e. a player may not bind to a jumper until he/she has returned to the ground. Penalty: Penalty Kick. I've always...
  10. scrumpox2

    Second tier 6Nations

    The great news about Argentina being added to the 3N made me wonder how long before the 5th nation would be added ... could the Islands combination of Tonga/Samoa/Fiji work? Closer to home though, why don't the 6N introduce relegation and promotion between the two tiers, why the closed shop...
  11. scrumpox2

    Lesson learned for Matt? So Matt Stevens gets 2 years for a positive test but refusing to attend a test gets only a 9 month ban ... the only possible reason to refuse is the certainty of a positive result ... I'm thinking the penalty for each offence...
  12. scrumpox2

    5th Lions match

    The slomo seemed to catch the ref out on 3 occasions:- 1. Lions defensive set called offside at ruck time ... replay showed they were on 2. Stephen Jones knock on - ball clearly went backwards, then bounced forwards 3. Ugo Monye pinged for ball not travelling 5m when throwing a line out ball in...
  13. scrumpox2

    Scrum half feed

    Red and Yellow U13s game Scrum halves from both sides guilty of feeding at scrum time, red is penalised 3 times (free kick) and yellow not penalised. As coach of red I am standing next to coach of yellow throughout and we are increasingly perplexed about why the calls are one-sided ... is it the...
  14. scrumpox2

    Jason Leonard Can anyone spot Leonard in this photo? Was he there or did he stop for pie and chips and miss the photos? HRFU held the final of Prop Idol at HMS Temeraire ealier this month and the big man was delayed because of a chip...