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  1. Donaldo01

    Not Rugby - but assault on ref ends in court

    Though you might be interested to read this account of an attack on a Gaelic Football referee.
  2. Donaldo01

    Player's view of referees (or Alan Quinlan's anyway!)

    An interesting article by Alan Quinlan in the Irish Times
  3. Donaldo01

    Ospreys say NO use of Twitter is lunacy

    so the question is does Scott Johnson have a point?
  4. Donaldo01

    Peter Allan - Ospreys -v- Munster

    Munster were truly awful in this match. I don't think Peter Allen had a very good game either. I've picked two examples and would be interested in views: 1. How was Gough (No. 4 ) not pinged at the 2nd ruck (about 8s in)? 2) What was going on here? He signals a knock-on but then goes...
  5. Donaldo01

    Offside in-goal

    Had an interesting discussion on the sideline on Sat with an school ref and a coach. Blue outhalf standing just inside his own dead ball line kicks long to red half. Blue forward standing in pillar position just inside own goal line starts moving forward before being put onside. Peep -...
  6. Donaldo01

    Oh no ... he said it!

    Edinburgh -v- Leinster. 70 ish minute, free to Leinster taken quickly. Peep ... not ten .... Tim Hayes (having made a mark in my opinion) says "No, no, no you can't take the second one quickly"