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  1. Simon Griffiths

    Great Site

    I just stumbled across this website. :chin: I wish I'd spotted it before, it looks great! :wink: :biggrin:
  2. Simon Griffiths

    Sunday Afternoon

    In my currently unpredictable life I am having to make do with, for the most part, re-appointments when I know that I am available. This weekend I've managed to pick up a nice little Sunday afternoon run-around. Cheltenham 2 v RAF Development (L8). Now, which Navy kit should I wear... ;) :D
  3. Simon Griffiths

    Green v Blue - Assessor's Report

    Referee Simon Griffiths Grade 10 Result Torrington 18 v 17 Totnes Description of the Match and its challenge for the game (Level 9) The match was keenly contested but played in good spirit. There was only one notable incident of foul play where a Torrington player fended off a tackle with a...
  4. Simon Griffiths

    Hooker Banter

    I'm interested in people's thoughts on the defending hooker (or person in that position at the line-out) chatting to/at the throwing in hooker. Now, I see no problem with this. Provided, however, that it is not abusive or intimidatory. My assessor yesterday was of the opinion that any kind of...
  5. Simon Griffiths

    This is getting ridiculous...

    Today I have had to delete about 6 or 7 SPAM threads (all porn). I think I spotted that Nick has dealt with at least a couple too. All posted by 'registered users'. :mad:
  6. Simon Griffiths


    Argh! Put myself up for re-appointments this weekend (as I wasn't previously sure whether I was available). The following day, Wednesday, I was offered a place on an RNR course (great), but had to confirm it. Also on Wednesday I got a call ("Hi, I understand you're doing our game..."), however...
  7. Simon Griffiths

    First Pre-Season Appointments

    Okay, back in the swing of it having basically taken the summer off (hence why I haven't been online much). Just picked up a couple of decent trial games as the clubs ramp up their training for the start of the season: Wednesday 27th August Old Centralians v Gloucester Old Boys L7/8, Trial...
  8. Simon Griffiths

    Newquay Surf 7s

    Anyone been to the Newquay Surf 7s before? Had a call a couple of weeks ago, whilst off sailing, to inform me that I've been invited to officiate at this years tournament (i.e. TJ in the Open/Invitational tournaments and maybe referee a bit of the Club/Pub tournaments). Looks like it should be...
  9. Simon Griffiths


    That's the number of Premiership titles that Gloucester would now have won in the last six years had it not been for the stupid play-offs (before anyone says anything, I've held this opinion since the start of the season of their inception). Let's compare that to: one for Leicester, one for...
  10. Simon Griffiths

    Federation Exchange to the USA

    Hmmm. I've just been offered a place on the SWP Federation exchange to the USA in September. It sounds great - contribution towards flights and then the accommodation is provided (partly by other refs). It's the usual two week job, the first weekend is a student tournament, then the second...
  11. Simon Griffiths

    This Weekend's Big Match

    Okay then, having been prevented from attending last season (despite the offer to a few of us to join a flag officer's coach), I shall finally make it to the year's most important match at Twickenham on Saturday. What is the normal procedures, where should I sit to avoid the pong ( :wink: ) and...
  12. Simon Griffiths

    Season Over

    Well, there we have it, the season is now over for me. A bit of a lingering death it died too. Last league game was Camborne SOM v Redruth Albany over a month ago, I also refereed an U16 cup match on Easter Monday and then this... Yesterday I refereed Totnes v Dartmouth in a federation...
  13. Simon Griffiths

    The Difference Is...

    Okay, after years if trying, I've finally worked out the difference between junior and adult rugby, particularly from those on the sidelines, but partly the players too. Prime example this afternoon in an U16 County Cup QF. Call from one of the parents, "You missed that forward pass..."...
  14. Simon Griffiths

    Camborne SOM v Redruth Albany

    Well, what can I say? It was just one of those days that you knew was going to go terribly. Last night I had fitful sleep, interspersed with being sick and having an ear-ache. I was very close to calling to cry-off. But in the morning I felt better and the thought of a run-around and fresh air...
  15. Simon Griffiths

    Interesting Question

    I received an e-mail recently asking this question: “What new rule was introduced in the 1980s via schoolboy rugby, before causing controversy in a World Cup and being abandoned completely?” I haven't a clue myself... so, over to OB (or indeed any pretenders).
  16. Simon Griffiths

    Devon 2 Assessment

    Here's my assessment from my match at the weekend, Salcombe v N Tawton in a Federation appointment. Referee Report Form 2007/8 Name SIMON GRIFFITHS Referee’s Level 10 Society PLYMOUTH Date 16.02.08. Home Team SALCOMBE 20pts Away Team NORTH TAWTON 15pts Description of the Match and its...
  17. Simon Griffiths

    Superbowl (Insert Roman Numeral...)

    One for our learned cousins from across the pond. I'll be sat at home, up late, watching the game (supporting the Patriots - have my father to thank for my team choice). Enjoying sporadic bursts of play and drinking through the endless stoppages (it really is a good sport spoiled by an American...
  18. Simon Griffiths

    Six Nations Predictathon

    Okay, as usual, a predictathon is required for the 6N. Given my woeful record for updating the scores from the RWC (I'll get round to it some day, perhaps in retirement... :rolleyes: ) I have set up an RugbyRefs league on a prediction web-site, SuperBru. There is a similar system of scoring to...
  19. Simon Griffiths

    Assessment: Hampshire Exchange

    MATCH TYPE Hampshire 2 League LEVEL 10 DATE 26th January 2008 MATCH RESULT Millbrook (22 pts) -v- Nomads (3 pts) 1. CHALLENGE OF THE MATCH: A dry pitch, soft underfoot with a light wind blowing up the pitch. These two mid-table Hampshire 2 clubs were committed and...
  20. Simon Griffiths

    Noddy's (Fluid) Appts

    Okay, appointments are all over the place at the moment, cancellations, exchanges etc etc. Potentially all my forseeable appointments are outside of my society area. I really must learn how to drive! Here's my list as it stands (different to previously posted): Saturday 26th January Millbrook...