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    RC player appears as touch judge

    Do you know the reason why he was assigned as TJ? If it was either him or no TJ would that make a difference to your decision?
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    Penalty kick not making touch

    Ball kicked dead through in-goal If a team kicks the ball through their opponents’ in-goal from the field of play into touch-in-goal or on or over the dead-ball line, the defending team can choose: To have a drop-out anywhere on or behind the 22-metre line; or To have a scrum at the place...
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    Newcastle RC

    Tha is exactly what occurs in the NRL The bunker's decsion is broadcast throughout the stadium
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    Organised MOA ?

    Would the disgusted reaction be any different if the question was on a general (non ref’s forum)? Are ref’s just being a little too precious? How did the audience it was intended for react?
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    Gloucester v Saracens

    Got the response I was expecting Really says something about those that manage our game
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    Gloucester v Saracens

    Surely World Rugby can step in and ensure the integrity of the game!
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    Mark from a fly hack?

    Catching a drop kick?
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    Condescending Refereeing

    Isn't this is what AG is being criticised for?
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    PK directly into touch-in-goal after time is up.

    Didn’t the kick go out touch in goal?
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    Where are you this weekend - 2022/23?

    It has been a slight on the English referees giving all the plumb appointments to the Australian referees Aussie women v Kiwi women - referee Australian Aussie men v Kiwis (semi-final) - referee Australian There has been no attempt to have any neutrality and the appointments to the finals have...
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    Springboks v Lions

    A bit biased but…
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    Time wasting
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    NZ vs IRL Test 3 - Andrew Porter‘s “absorbing tackle” on Brodie Retallick

    Just because the head is forward of the torso in no way constitutes "leading with the head" (IMO)
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    Another SR dump tackle

    As I understand it, it as cleared by the citing offical as well
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    Was Lewis Robbed?

    Correcting misspells
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    Was Lewis Robbed?

    The Race Director justifies his decision pointing to 15.3 (e) of the Sporting Regulations & in so doing makes redundant anything in the regs re the safety car process. 15.3 The clerk of the course shall work in permanent consultation with the Race Director. The Race Director shall have...
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    Food for thought

    Coincidence or bias?
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    Semi Final Ref Appointments

    NZ v England Referee Nigel Owens (Wales) Assistant 1 Romain Poite (France) Assistant 2 Pascal Gauzere (France) TMO Marius Jonker (South Africa) Wales v South Africa Referee Jérôme Garcès (France) Assistant 1 Wayne Barnes (England) Assistant 2 Ben O'Keeffe (New Zealand) TMO Ben Skeen (New Zealand)
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    QF Appointments

    England v Australia Referee Jérôme Garcès (France) Assistant 1 Romain Poite (France) Assistant 2 Mathieu Raynal (France) TMO Ben Skeen (New Zealand) New Zealand v Ireland Referee Nigel Owens (Wales) Assistant 1 Pascal Gauzere (France) Assistant 2 Angus Gardner (Australia) TMO Graham Hughes...
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    Nz V Fiji 7s Final: YC correct? 1.15 game clock 1st half Correct sanction?