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    [Tackle] Clearout at the tackle

    Hi Can anyone please direct me to the law tht allows clearout at the tackle? You see players flying into the tackle area where a ruck has not been formed in an attempt to remove a player. Fistly is this legal and if so what law governs what can and cannot be done by the defending player...
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    [Tackle] Pre Tackle Binding

    Hi Can players from the same side bind onto the ball carrier before going in to contact with an opponent? You ofter see forward join/bind with the bll carrier before making a dash for the line. Thanks Huw
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    [Junior] U14 Rugby - Lineout

    As U14 lineouts are uncontested and the age related variation states the " a lineout ends when the ball or player carrying it leaves the the lineout or the ball goes beyond the 15m or intot he 5m channel" are you able to create a maul? My thoughts are by creating a maul you are creating a...
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    [Maul] Non Competing at a Maul

    At a line out the team in position catches the ball and sets up for a maul with the ball being moved back to the hind most player in the 'maul'. However the opposing team do not engage in the maul and do not bind in. What is the consequence from a law point of view? 1.Is the ball available...
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    [Line out] When is a U!5 line out over?

    For U 14 lineout which are uncontested the laws are explicit on then a lineout is over. 'The lineout ends when the ball or a player carrying it leaves the lineout or the ballgoes beyond the 15m or into the 5m channel' For U15 lineouts, which are also uncontested but lifting is permitted, it...
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    [Scrum] Scrum half put in

    Can the scrum half put in from either the tight head or loose head side of the scrum and can they change side during a match or are they fixed to the side of the first put in?
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    [Scrum] Put In To The Scrum

    Hi Whilst the scrum half's alignment tot he scrum has changed can someone please confirm the Law 20.6 (d) not changed and the SH must throw the ball into the scrum. Thanks
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    [Scrum] Age Related Scrums

    From U13 to U18 age level, when should all players be engaged in (bound in to) the scrum? Should it be at: crouch, bind or set? Thanks Huw
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    [Maul] Maul - Legal collapse

    Hi When a maul is collapsed (brought to the ground) legally by the team taking the ball in to the maul, does it become a ruck or a tackle? Thanks Huw